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WZone V12.5 comes with a new module that allows you to Synchronize products without the need for PA API (Product Advertising) Keys!

The sync occurs automatically, every 15 minutes, and the recurrence is every 24 hours.

The Cronjobs runs every minute and it’s able to sync max 99 products.

And every 15 minutes the second cronjob verifies if there are any products that are not synced on your website and syncs them in bulk – 99 products per bulk.

What’s NEW in this major release?

Well, as you know, if you wish to become a new amazon affiliate it’s very hard to get your hands on a pair of PA API keys.

This is why we improved the Direct Import Chrome Extension + Added a NEW Module in WZone.

It’s called Import Products and it can be found under NO PA API Keys menu.

Simply put, this NEW module allows you to search by keyword and import any product from Amazon!

You can also browse through departments, and sort by featured, new items, sort by price and so on.

You will also see a Quick Menu on the bottom right of the page that allows you to make some simple operations like select all products on page, delete them from import queue and scroll to top / bottom.

After you select at least one product to import, you will see some new options below:

You can setup to import the product as simple or variable, select the number of images, to import attributes and so on.

What’s interesting here? You can setup the number of threads to simultaneously run at the same time (like import 5 products in the same time) which means faster import!

You don’t need to worry anymore about keeping a minimum of 3 sales on your affiliate account in order to have access to the PA API!

With this new features you only need to focus on importing products and earn commissions as amazon affiliate!

The purpose of the Import Stats module is to see how much it takes to import a product from Amazon / eBay into your Website.

Also to see if your website is starting to slow down after importing too many products, mainly to see what’s your server limit when comes to importing products.

The ideal duration of a product import is a few hundred milliseconds. If that product has many variations (over 50) it can even take a few seconds.

WZone Addon – WooCommerce eBay Affiliates

The WZone eBay addon allows you to mass import products from eBay into WooCommerce in just minutes!

This is an Provider Addon made specially for WZone where you now have the possibility to have more than one provider from which you can import products into WooCommerce.

Now, you can not only import products from Amazon using WZone, but from eBay as well, using the newest WZone eBay Provider Addon!

WZone 10.1.2 Comes with High Resolution Images!

From this update on, when you import a product, all the product images imported will be at a high resolution!

WZone comes with a NEW Outstanding Feature, Amazon Dropshipping!

We have had many requests from our clients, and finally decided to develop a feature that does it & much more!

Simply Import Products from Amazon into your Website, enable the Dropshipping option, Automatically add a Custom Tax (fixed or variable) on each product and Start Making Money!

Dropshipping Businesses have a large number of Advantages. Normally, if you want to start a Business, it can be costly to acquire large inventory, a warehouse and let’s not speak about the shipping costs.

Dropshipping offers an inexpensive way to acquire inventory which is not possible otherwise.

What are the Biggest Benefits of WZone Dropshipping?

  • You aren’t bound to a suggested retail price and can decide the retail prices on your own – automatically add a custom tax on each product (fixed or variable)
  • Save time and money! You do not need to maintain a warehouse, manage stock and care about the shipping.
  • Products Diversity – easily switch merchandise if your products don’t convert!
  • Flexible location – You can sell products from anywhere! Since the supplier does the shipping of the products!
  • Visible results – Immediate profit! This type of business does not require much investment, and it can bring you profits up to 100%!
  • The Amazon Dropshipping feature is very easy to use, from technical to visual point of view. Worried about mathematical calculations? Oh no, if I put a 10% tax on a 11.23 product what’s the profit for me?!!!
  • Don’t worry about this! For each product that has dropshipping tax we automatically make some calculations and display the profit on the WooCommerce Products List / Details, Order List and Order Details!
  • Also, you might encounter a situation where after adding the Dropshipping tax, the prices will look funny like – 17.31$, or they display too much digits – 17.31432$.
  • We added some features that help you style the prices, so they look more appealing to your customers.
  • Activate Rounded Prices For Marketing – Want to display prices on your website with more style? Like 19.99$, 23.99$ ? Simply enable this option.
  • Wish to display the prices more customer friendly? Make them rounded?
  • 12.7$ will become 13$ if you set it on going up or 12$ if it’s going down!
  • Also you don’t need to worry about keeping track of what products to order for your customers on Amazon.
  • On each order you will find the products availability, on what amazon website is available and also keep track of the products ordered on amazon, by giving them statuses like – New, Processing or Completed.
  • Worried about prices changing on Amazon? Don’t worry, you can still sync Products with Amazon.

Dropshipping, or allowing a third party to fulfil orders is allowed by Amazon as long as you comply with their requirements.

You must:

  1. Be the seller of record of your products;
  2. Identify yourself as the seller of your products on all packing slips and other information included or provided in connection with them;
  3. Be responsible for accepting and processing customer returns of your products; and
  4. Comply with all other terms of your seller agreement and applicable Amazon policies.

WZone 10.0.0 comes with a game changing feature! The possibility to Direct Import Products straight from Amazon into your website without the necessity of having PA API keys!

Yes you read that right!

No other competitor can offer you this. This is a true game changer in the Amazon Affiliation Industry!

You will get rid of all manual efforts if you use WZone, the best Amazon Affiliates Plugin from the Market !

This cool and unique feature removes the stress of having to generate 3 qualified sales for new affiliates in order to get access to the Product Advertising API.

Simply install the WZone Direct Import Extension, browse through any Amazon Website, handpick the products you wish to import into your Store and click on the Import Button! You can import simple products and products with variations as well.

Want to import the same product on the same time on multiple websites? You have this possibility also! Simply authorize the WZone Direct Import Extension on multiple installs and you will be able to choose on what website you wish to import the products to.

Worried about duplicate products? No worries, the WZone Direct Import Extension detects if a product is already imported into your website.

The Products imported with the WZone Direct Import Extension have some drawbacks, for example you cannot synchronize them. But after you get access to the Product Advertising API, simply add your keys into Amazon Config and you will be able to synchronize the products imported with the WZone Direct Import Extension as well.

Read more here

How to create new accounts here

Hey guys! We just finished developing a new feature for WZone, that allows you to add multiple Amazon API Keys!

Why you might ask?

Well, if you’re a WZone user, you might have noticed that sometimes the products import freezes or you get an error with ‘You are submitting requests too quickly. Please retry your requests at a slower rate‘ or ‘RequestThrottle‘. This might happen when you synchronize the products, or auto import them.

To prevent this situation, we’ve developed a new feature that allows you to add & use multiple Amazon API Keys. Using this feature, you will be able to import, auto import & synchronize more products effortless!

You can generate 2 pairs of Amazon Keys into your Associates Account.

Bitly Module

Why did we develop this module? Well, as you might know, you don’t have too many options when comes to view statistics about the amazon products you imported. Like, how many redirects a product had, where the user came from (location) and so on.

Using this module you can get a short url for your product links, that will be added automatically into your bitly account.

This module enables you to drive recommendations based on a key phrase. For example, if you have a shop featuring apple products, you can get recommendations on what other apple products to import. Also, on keyword click, it auto-searches for those keywords and sets them for import.

Pagespeed Optimization Module

The basic functionalty of WZone is to let you import products from Amazon into your WordPress + WooCommerce website. Then, for those products, the plugin will keep your imported products synchronised according to how you set it up.

The management of the products in the frontend (how they look, how fast your website will load) depends on how WordPress organises the relationships between tables, how your caching plugin works and how capable your server is to manage everything.

With WZone + Kingdom + a dedicated hosting, we were able to test-run a website with more than 10k products, most with A or B Optimization Scores and with a loading time of less than 1 second.

What’s the purpose of this new module?

Well, first you will see that when you’ll try to import some Amazon products, based on how many images, variations, categories & attributes you import, you will get an estimated Score that can be A, B, C or D (A = best score, D = worst score).

It’s easy to think that when importing Amazon products you need ALL the images that the product comes with, or ALL the Amazon Categories Tree that comes with the product, or ALL the Attributes that the product comes with or ALL the product variations (that can be many! many = even 300 variations for ONE PRODUCT!). This would overkill your database and dramatically decrease your WordPress’ resources.

But you simply don’t have to:

Importing only what’s relevant is the best strategy to follow.

So, if you import products that have the Score D, this means that the products that you imported contain a lot of information (variations, categories, images, attributes), which combined with a cheap hosting server will mean that your website will possibly load very slow.

Basically this new module will help you improve your website speed by optimizing Amazon products, post-import.

The product attributes will be optimized as post meta data instead of terms, which by itself will increase your website speed dramatically, then you will also be able to optimize the product categories, images and more important variations. A product can have up to 300 variations! If you want to be an affiliate you really don’t need all those 300 variations, 60 categories, 600 images & 80 attributes that it comes with.

Using this module you will be able to optimize your products in no time at all!

WooZone ASIN Grabber Chrome Extension

Using WooZone ASIN Grabber you can Easily Create Product Lists while Browsing on any Amazon Website, Export as CSV or simply copy / paste the list into the Insane Import Mode (Already have a list tab) & Import any Number of Products in Seconds!

This is the most Efficient way for you to choose Products from any Amazon website!

Works with amazon.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.de, amazon.cn, amazon.it, amazon.es, amazon.co.jp, amazon.ca, amazon.fr, amazon.in, amazon.com.mx, amazon.com.br

As you might know, a keyword search does not work very precisely & fast, or simply doesn’t satisfy your needs.

If you want to gather a ASIN’s list with exact items it might take a lot of time.

That’s why we decided to develop an extension that will reduce your work to a minimum.

Super features: No limit – choose any number of products from any amazon website Super fast – simply click on “add product to list” that will be displayed above any amazon product Super Easy to Use – user friendly interface

We’ve just developed a new component that verifies if a product is available on all amazon locations.

Sign in for Amazon’s Associates programs, get your affiliate ID, fill it out in the plugin, and for each product we’ll verify if it’s available on amazon’s location that you’re signed in for. Example: Sign up for Amazon’s Associates Program for Mexic, Canada and United Kingdom. When a customer will visit your website, on the product’s details page there will be displayed the product’s availablilty on all 3 amazon locations.

That way, your customers will know for sure if a product is available!

The component si by default Activated, but you can disable it on Amazon Config -> Plugin Setup (at the bottom

Also, you have the possibility to display the ” Product Availability by Country Box ” on the Product’s details page, on 4 different places.

1. Above the “Add to Cart” button

2. Above the Thumbnail & Title

3. As Wocoommerce Tab

4. Above the Woocommerce Tabs

Auto Import

We’ve developed a new module called Auto Import. This new module helps you import products automatically.

You just need to set a keyword, setup how many pages to import and simply add it to Queue.

You can also setup the recurrence, how often to import products. After you did that, the Cron will import products at the recurrence time you set up.

You can see the status of the autoimport, delete, publish / unpublish, see if the products were imported or if there was an error, when it started, ended and when it will run next.

Amazon Remote Images

In this version we have a new feature regarding images, more exactly now you can use the products images straight from Amazon’s CDN.

What’s Amazon CDN?

Amazon CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) service that accelerates delivery of your websites, APIs, video content or other web assets. It integrates with other Amazon Web Services products to give developers and businesses an easy way to accelerate content to end users with no minimum usage commitments.

What are the benefits of using this?

  • Import products from Amazon much faster
  • Speed up your website – faster loading time for your customers
  • Boosts performance of your website using the Distributed data centers. Amazon’s CDN makes your website’s images available from data centers around the world (called edge locations). When a visitor requests a file from your website, the request is automatically redirected to a copy of the file at the nearest edge location, which results in faster download times than if the visitor had requested the content from a data center farther away.

New Framework Design & Functionality

We’ve changed the framework’s design completely! We now have improved functionality & responsive design!

Introducing Insane Import

Version 8.2 contains a new module called ‘Insane Import’ that allows more complete control over the import process.

Using this new module you are able to import 50 products at a time on general search, and 100 products on category / subcategory search.

Depending on the Fine Tuning Import Settings you will have a better estimate on how much time the import will take, depending on various factors like number of images/variations and so on.


Introducing WooZone Report

WooZone Report is a reporting module specially designed to keep track of the products imported from Amazon (how many views they had, added to card, redirected to amazon) and to keep track of the synchronisation log – what and how many products were synced.

What’s the cool thing about it? Well it delivers reports via e-mail! You can set up to receive an email containing these statistics by 12 hours, or once per month. You can also see a report in the administration area. Wicked!

What’s new in the 8.0 Version?

We’ve improved the synchronisation module drastically, on coding level and visually as well.

Now, it’s no more mandatory to have a cpanel cron in order to keep products updated, simply Activate the Plugin Cronjobs, select what you wish to sync (title, prices & so on) and that’s it. Products will get synced automatically without any effort from your side.

As I said, we’ve improved it on a visual level as well, on the Synchronisation Log Module you’ll find a list with all products that were synced, when was the last time, when did they synced last, what’s the next product to be synced, an option to sync each product at a time (VARIATIONS ALSO!) or simply click on the Sync All Now button and you’ll have all your products synched in no time!

Turn your Woocommerce Wordpress Store into a money profit generator!

Advertise Amazon products on your Woocommerce website and earn advertising fees from Qualifying Purchases.

You can also receive advertising fees from all products your visitors buy, visit, not just the products you advertise thanks to our 90 days cookie feature.

Also, our On Site Cart feature allows your customers to checkout with multiple products on Amazon, and that means multiple commissions for you!

Excellent On-Page Optimization !

Great SEO content for your products, our WooZone Plugin takes all data available for all Amazon products: Title, Prices (regular prices, sales prices and all prices variations), all products attributes, product reviews and full products descriptions.

Using our WooZone Plugin you can bulk import hundred of products from Amazon into your Woocommerce Store in just a flash. Our newest version has an ultra fast import system, in which you can import products in less than one second!

The plugin is build on our custom AA-Team framework, and based on modules mananger , very easy to use & administer.

Advanced Search & Bulk Import Module

On our Advanced Search & Bulk Import Module, you can Search by Categories / Subcategories / Keywords, select the products that you want, and click import! It doesn’t get any easier!

Also depending on category, you can filter products by Brand, Condition, Manufacturer, Maximum / Minimum price, Merchant Id , Product minimum percentage off and of course by Bestsellers, Rank, Sales flag, and so on.

If you want to MASS Import Products from Amazon, you can do so using the CSV module.All you need is a ASINS list.Using the ASIN Grabber module you can get one in just a flash!

Keep Amazon Products Updated!

Amazon products change all the time, especially prices. Using our Synchronisation module you can keep products up to date using a custom Cron Job.

Great plugin, saves a lot of time on importing products. Superb customer service – went over and above the scope of item support and fixed an issue unrelated to the plugin.

Very smooth & slick extension. Easy to set up. Very good customer service form the AA-Team

great support, fast respond. open mind about future uptades. easy and quick setup, im definitely going to use this plugin on other sites

Simply a great plugin that allows you to cut hours down to minutes.

It works well and I think these developers are very clever – in regards to their thought that has gone into this product

Customer support is outstanding!

Does exactly what it says! Thank you.

I must say that there was a lot of work gone into this, for $35 it’s a definitely value for money.

The only amazon affiliate extension for WooCommerce

Excellent Design Quality, Very professionally built and great documentation!!!!. Would recommend to anyone looking to build an Amazon shop.

We had to give this five stars; it’s a powerful and useful plugin at a great price, does what it says right out of the box, and the two times we needed support for minor issues (no probs with the plugin itself so far) we got replies within hours. Very pleased so far. Let’s see if we can make some money now )” title=”;)” />

Full Features List

  • Works as plugin on any Wordpress Install.
  • Compatible with any Wordpress / Woocommerce Theme
  • You can have Amazon Products and Simple Woocommerce Products on the Store in the Same Time (we’ve made a special verification and the products don’t conflict into the Cart Checkout Page)
  • Choose from any Amazon Location – Worldwide, Amazon Germany, Amazon United Kingdom, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Amazon Italy, Amazon China, Amazon Spain.
  • 90 days cookies feature - With this feature, when a user is redirected to amazon, the product is automatically added to cart and kept there for 90 days (this boosts your conversions also!).
  • On Site Cart feature! This option will allow your customers to add multiple Amazon Products into Cart and checkout trough Amazon’s system with all at once!
  • Prices setup – Select what price to display on products – Regular price / Sale price / Offer price
  • Products Variations – Get product variations. Be carefull about Yes All variations one product can have a lot of variation, execution time is dramatically increased!
  • Default publishing- import the products as Published or Draft.
  • Select how many images to import for each product
  • Select if you wish to display shipping availability
  • Select if you wish to display Coupones – special offers & discounts
  • Image Import type – Select if you wish import images upon import or asynchronus
  • Automatically Content Spinner – select if you wish to have the content spinned upon import, or manually do it afterwards
  • ASIN GRABBER Module – grab hundred of ASINS from amazon in just a few seconds! After that, simply import them via CSV Bulk Import!
  • Products into Posts – You can easily add products into any post / page / custom taxonomy via Shortcodes
  • Products Stats – check your conversions!
  • Images names – Product title or Random number – This is great for SEO
  • Cross Selling Items – Select if you wish to display cross selling products.
  • Images gallery in product description – select if you wish to display it or not.
  • Amazon Reviews Tab – Select if you wish to display amazon reviews
  • Setup Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key
  • Setup your affiliate ID’s (You don’t have to specify all affiliate IDs if you are not registered to all programs.)
  • Setup Main Affiliate ID
  • One second import! Search for products using the Advanced Search and Bulk Import module. Upon import all parent categories and subcategories will be imported.
  • Mass Import products using the CSV module. All you need is a ASINS list.
  • Keep products updated using the Synchronisation Module, you can update Prices, Titles , Reviews, Buy Urls, Descriptions and SKU
  • Setup / Backup Module – install default plugin settings, backup current plugin settings, and backup current store products.

True fact – Proof that our WooZone – Wordpress Plugin WORKS! (We have a 4.83% rate ^^)

As you may know, we have a live demo for our users to see / test the plugin. We were kind’of amused when we looked into our Amazon Affiliate account, and saw that products were bought from Amazon, trough our demo website. So, our plugin really works, we’re the living proof of that!

What you will need in order to use the WooZone – Wordpress Plugin :

  • Wordpress 4.0+
  • WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin – Version 2 +
  • Amazon account (https://aws.amazon.com/) in order to get Secret/Access Keys
  • Amazon affiliate account (https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/) in order to get the money!




AA-Team does not permit, under any circumstances, the reselling of any of our plugins / themes outside the Envato Marketplace.

The Extended License does not allow you to resell / redistribute the plugin without written permission from AA-Team.

If you’re an Envato Author and wish to include our plugins into your themes, please contact us.

You can read more about licenses here and here.

What containts the package that you downloaded :

First of all please, using WinRar unzip the package that you downloaded, don’t try to install the whole archive as plugin on wordpress because it won’t work.
  • A folder called Plugin that contains a zip archive that you must install as plugin on Wordpress
  • Documentation
# Change Log
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

## []
- added "Close button" to the 'Install default config' message (solved the bug which exists in the version for this close button)
- solved bug: amazon config / plugin setup tab / option "Show buy url as Amazon url" set on "Yes" changes the link on the woocommerce product page, but not in the product in a post widget.
- solved bug regardind the cross sell (Frequently bought together box from frontend product page) prices and currency symbol

## [] - 26.01.2016
- solved the "Warning: Illegal string offset 'request_amazon'..." issue
- added dissmiss button for the default install bar

## [] - 19.01.2016
- solved the bug "checkout redirect to amazon not working" which occures after woocommerce 2.5.0 update

## [8.4.1] - 12.01.2016
- solved bug: the amazon config settings were overwritten by some default settings when updating to plugin version 8.4 
- solved request: "as of" appears now only once alongside the product price

## [8.4] - 14.12.2015
- solved bug: products synchronization & stats interface breaks on too many products in database - now the interface have a pagination system
- update: AA-Team amazon config keys are set by default in "modules/setup_backup/default-setup.json"; try to generate your own keys after you make some tests with the plugin using AA-Team default keys

## 03.11.2015
- solved bug: "as of" missing for new imported products (bug generated in case the product wasn't synced at least once)

## 21.10.2015
- Insane Mode module/ added "check all" selection for products loaded in queue!
- solved bug: "Request-URI too long" which occured on wp admin panel / products list section
- added the PSP "Modules Manager" module version (with multiple modules activate/deactivate operation)
- solved bug: which occured when importing variable products with default status = draft => the variation were not available and the product become "This product is currently out of stock and unavailable." 
- solved bug for product attributes: for example when in frontend an attribute like size had only one value (like "one size") the dropdown didn't have any value!

## [8.3] - 18.09.2015
- added Amazon API access for Mexico, Brazil (Affiliate IDs configurable in the Amazon config module)

## [8.2.2] - 26.08.2015 
- Fixed "Import Insane Mode" bug:
    - when importing products, categories from amazon are not imported in website
    - added new option "Fix Product Attributes (woocommerce 2.4 update)" on Amazon config / Bug Fixes - need to be run for products already existing in website database
- Fixed "Variations" not displayed anymore bug: for variable products

## [8.2.1] - 30.06.2015
- Fixed issue for items with multiple "Reviews".

## [8.2] - 29.06.2015
- Added new import module called Insane Mode - this allows you to import 50 products at once per general search and 100 products at once per categories / subcategories

## [8.1.3] - 29.05.2015
### Fixed
- variable products "Buy at Amazon" button bug: added the product to cart even if the product should be redirected to amazon instead

## [8.1.3] - 28.05.2015
### Fixed
- Content Spinner not working on some servers when using WP_filesystem. Try to get treasure file with php native function

## [8.1.3] - 05.05.2015
### Changed
- Already imported function now checks for postmeta "_amzASIN" only on posts that have post_type "product" or "product_variation" 
- Tool "Clean Orphaned AMZ Meta" now also deletes "_amzASIN" from postmeta if assigned to invalid post types. Post Types taken into consideration are only "product" and "product_variation" 
- Product "As of" date & time localization using wordpress admin selected ones (date & time format)

### Fixed
amzStore_bulk_wp_exist_post_by_args - checks only posts that have post_type "product" or "product_variation" 

## 22.04.2015
- fixed bug: when importing a product, if a product has variations, but don't have an associated feature image, then the first image found from the variations array, will be used  

## 10.04.2015
- fixed bug: product description loose [gallery] when updating: if you choose to update product description in sync settings, then
the [gallery] shortcode which contains the product images, will be lost after update!
- fixed bug: product short description cand be updated at synchronization!  

## V 8.1.2 - 27.03.2015
- bug fixes on cronjob products synchronization (bug: sync cycle run once but halted after)
- fix "www.amazon./gp/aws/cart/add.html missing domain" issue
- fix "when product has only one variation" issue - with variation attributes

## 25.03.2015
added new module for reporting - to be send via email

## 23.03.2015
added new option in amazon config module: "Button buy text" to set globally the button buy text for your all your amazon products

## 13.03.2015
fix on last sync date in product details page - as of date was inccorect and was not reflecting the last update date

## 11.03.2015
Bugfixes on cronjob

## 06.03.2015
### Changed
- new module "Plugin Cronjobs" 
    - here you can activate or de-activate the cronjobs associated with our plugin (see documentation for future details)
- re-designed and greatly improved module "Synchronization log" using the "Plugin Cronjobs" functionality also
- re-designed and greatly improved module "Products stats" based on "Synchronization log" interface

## 03.03.2015
### Changed
- Fixed tool "Clean Orphaned AMZ Meta".

## 20.02.2015
### Added
- On Amazon Config save: Check for and remove mistake in keys after copy/paste them from Amazon

## 17.02.2015
### Changed 
- Fix, configuration problem with special character: "=" 

## 11.02.2015
### Added 
- New option to enable/disable product short description on import

## 09.02.2015
## Changed
- Check if the product have an ASIN meta assigned to it and then display it in the price fix ajax table

## 05.02.2015
### Added 
- New option to create only parent categories from Amazon on import instead of the whole category tree

## 04.02.2015
## Changed
- Fixed the wordpress menu checkbox flicker when asigning a menu in wordpress admin
- Fixed the auto-refresh if trying to bulk edit woocommerce products

## 30.01.2015
## Changed
- Fixed the CSV bulk import to user specified-category 

### Added
## 29.01.2015
- Autotrim whitespaces on inputs in the Amazon Config area

## [7.0.6] - 28.01.2015

## 28.01.2015
## Changed
- Hierarchical list of categories for Advanced Search & CSV import module Import In option.

## Changed
- Import also "Sales Rank" attribute to products from Amazon

## [7.0.5] - 26.01.2015
### Added
- Frontend: "Sort by Sales Rank" option
- Synchronize option - "Sales Rank"    
  • myean

    2017-10-07 11:43:37
    Purchased Reply

    Why the price is not 50% off?

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-10-09 22:17:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Myean, The E-commerce Power Week: Sale ends 7th October 3pm (AEDT) ! Terms & Conditions Sale prices are marked as below, applicable to standard licences only, and all item prices are at the authors’ discretion. Best regards, Liviu

  • vermaashish

    2017-10-19 10:59:18
    Purchased Reply

    Is this plugin supports "Used" products import along with all relevant details of used product, like price, condition, shipping details, etc.? For example, I want to import only used books along with relevant details related to used book.

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-10-20 21:35:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi vermaashish,
    If you can find that product in Amazon you can import it using it's ASIN code. Best regards

  • vermaashish

    2017-10-21 00:41:58
    Purchased Reply

    Of course, I can find find the products on Amazon... however, would request you to please think in depth of my question. In books, same ASIN is having details for both new and used books, however this plugin sync price and other attributes according to Used condition of same book?

  • theme_j

    2017-10-25 05:54:18
    Purchased Reply

    There is only 4 countries in this plugin ??? What is wrong ? https://imgur.com/a/6qa0b

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-10-26 00:00:52
    Purchased Reply

    You are using the free limited version. If you need more features you will need to upgrade to the payed version. Best regards

  • theme_j

    2017-10-26 00:53:22
    Purchased Reply

    To live in a country different from yours is not a "feature"

  • pk-guuk

    2017-10-25 05:00:51
    Purchased Reply

    Tried the demo environment in chrome on macbook. Added a product in the demo, went to checkout but amazon says there are no products in the cart. Looks like this is not working.

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-10-25 23:51:26
    Purchased Reply

    Hi pk-guuk,
    We do not update the products on our demo site and most of them are not available on Amazon anymore. The plugin is working fine. Best regards

  • reggsenterprises

    2017-11-01 02:35:52
    Purchased Reply

    When is the update going to be released that fixes this error? This function was depreciated since Woocommerce 2.5 (long ago). Now it is an error. Filling up error logs. [31-Oct-2017 13:03:15 UTC] The WC_Cart::get_cart_url function is deprecated since version 2.5. Replace with wc_get_cart_url.

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-11-02 00:11:51
    Purchased Reply

    We do not use that function on our plugin. That function is usually used in themes. Best regards

  • reggsenterprises

    2017-11-02 00:29:45
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry, wasn't sure. I will post over there.

  • Surfer-lee

    2017-11-01 07:29:28
    Purchased Reply

    Firstly, Your support have been very helpful and patient. dealing with a lot of problems can be quite draining so, thank you for all your efforts. Some advice please...what is the best caching plugin to use with your products as I believe W3 cache conflicts with some of the css?

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-11-02 00:24:01
    Purchased Reply

    You can try WP Fastest Cache.

  • techieroad

    2017-11-07 22:27:16
    Purchased Reply

    What is the latest version of WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates as of 11/7/2017? I got an email and it said update - I just bought the plugin? Also, does your plugin check wordpress for products you uploaded from Amazon and does the plugin delete products that Amazon no longer have?

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-11-08 23:02:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hi techieroad,
    It doesn't look like you have purchased this plugin. Make sure that you are posting on the right page for the plugin that you have purchased. Best regards

  • CuriusD

    2017-11-09 12:00:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I manually synched all my products and every one has an error in the report and none successfully synchronized. Can someone help please. Do you have updated documentation to help troubleshoot this problem. Unfortunately, I will need to take my site down until this is fixed as I cannot show outdated product pricing.

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-11-09 21:26:33
    Purchased Reply

    Hi CuriusD,
    Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com so we can take a look at your website there. Best regards

  • Bilonix

    2017-11-14 17:28:04
    Purchased Reply

    I have a quick question, is there a way to make the importer pull from canadian only products? I've imported alot of shoes and they ALL seem to be only available for USA. I;d like products that are available for both usa and canada. Thanks.

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-11-15 00:53:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Bilonix,
    Yes, just set the main affiliate ID and the Amazon Location to Canada. Best regards

  • abhijeetshekhar

    2017-07-28 23:53:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, I am not able to see my imported products on my website using Insane import mode. It does not show any error while importing but then also products are not visible. After adding 4000+ product in men category it only shows 1100 products. Does this plugin has limitation for product import or Please resolve my issue? http://googletop5.com/

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-08-01 00:37:21
    Purchased Reply

    Hi abhijeetshekhar,
    There is no limit to the number of products that you can import but you will have to keep an eye on the servers resources. Importing many products will require more resources from your server. Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com so we can actually take a look at your website and see what seems to be the issue there. Best regards

  • vampire85

    2017-08-02 20:47:10
    Purchased Reply

    I ask an unhappy question :( Unfortunately I was banned from amazon affiliate program (I did not read the rules well). Is there a way to change or license the php scripts I purchased for others in your creation? Or do you have any idea how to use them? Thanks for any response to my unhappy question :/

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-08-02 21:20:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hi vampire85,
    Sorry to hear that. For any license exchange you will have to talk to Envato as they deal with this kind of things. Maybe you could remake your website after you read the Amazon TOS. Best regards

  • mgdfx

    2017-08-11 13:51:10
    Purchased Reply

    I changed the products prices to show in dollars from pounds - but the cart continues to display the pound sign - is there a way to change this? Right now it shows the (cart icon) Cart: £0.00 - 0 items checkout -> how can I change this to Cart: $0.00 - 0 items checkout

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-08-11 22:19:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hi mgdfx,
    It doesn't look like you have this plugin purchased. Best regards

  • jozmas

    2017-08-21 07:14:58
    Purchased Reply

    I am getting this errors with shopkeeper theme: Notice: Undefined index: name in /nfsmnt/hosting2_2/8/8/88866407-331c-4b73-951d-8be800598c5e/edealz.eu/web/wp-content/plugins/woozone/lib/frontend/frontend.class.php on line 463 Notice: Undefined index: name in /nfsmnt/hosting2_2/8/8/88866407-331c-4b73-951d-8be800598c5e/edealz.eu/web/wp-content/plugins/woozone/lib/frontend/frontend.class.php on line 465 Undefined index: name in /nfsmnt/hosting2_2/8/8/88866407-331c-4b73-951d-8be800598c5e/edealz.eu/web/wp-content/plugins/woozone/lib/frontend/frontend.class.php on line 1202 Can you help me please. thanks

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-08-21 23:45:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hi jozmas,
    Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com and we will help you there. Best regards

  • reggsenterprises

    2017-08-22 19:54:57
    Purchased Reply

    @CervosSK the update does not fix the cache issues and there are also new image issues with this update so hold off updating until all is fixed.

  • Gingerfuzzy

    2017-08-26 01:48:11
    Purchased Reply

    how can I download its the last version which worked? you latest updates have killed my site!!!!!!!!!

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-08-28 02:42:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Gingerfuzzy, The latest version is Please update to version using the wordpress updater. Best regards, Liviu

  • Gingerfuzzy

    2017-08-28 20:26:59
    Purchased Reply

    would you mind answering this question? - I'm still looking to download it's still the last stable copy for this plugin, I've tried your updated version and quite frankly its pants

  • Gingerfuzzy

    2017-08-28 20:29:23
    Purchased Reply

    Also none of the drop downs work in chrome

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-08-28 21:34:55
    Purchased Reply

    We can provide you that version of the plugin at support.aa-team.com. Just open a ticket there with this request and we will help you with that version if that is what you want.

  • kyleohme

    2017-08-30 03:58:19
    Purchased Reply

    I see that Amazon is shutting down the aStores - how will this effect the support? https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/help/node/topic/202116720

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-08-30 21:12:19
    Purchased Reply

    The plugin is not using the aStore, is using the API.

  • reggsenterprises

    2017-08-29 23:39:47
    Purchased Reply

    @fotten No, they didn't fix he cache plugin issues, in fact, made it worse. WP Fastest Cache was actually working somewhat and now getting errors on the one site we have updated to . We have reached out to WP Fastest Cache and they made a change on their end to accommodate what WooZone is doing but they said there is something else in WooZone that is blocking their plugin. The comment you are showing is that support removed their own cache system that was added in version 5 because it destroyed page loads and threw out errors everywhere. We keep asking to fix the cache plugin problems that WooZone is causing but I don't see any response that they intend to. AA-support? Are you going to address the cache plugin issues?

  • reggsenterprises

    2017-08-30 02:54:40
    Purchased Reply

    @AA-Team_Support UPDATE: WP Fastest Cache support has looked at our system and they say that WooZone is blocking the buffers that cache plugins use.

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-08-30 21:07:01
    Purchased Reply

    Make sure you have the latest version installed.

  • reggsenterprises

    2017-08-30 23:02:49
    Purchased Reply

    I have installed. That is when the error started so there is something in this update that is causing the block. Probably this update is blocking itself from using buffers and as a result, blocking all other buffers too.

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-09-01 14:54:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, Our team is working to solve the problem as soon!

  • Chr33

    2017-08-30 17:54:30
    Purchased Reply

    Re: Cron. I tried the suggested command with WooZone v 9.0.5 and nothing worked. All the instructions were followed exactly, and even several other variations of the command were tested. The cronjobs list just returned "failed" for sync_products_cycle. I spent two full days trying to work this out. I did a manual 'sync all now' which seemed to work, but that was the only thing that did. Note: I'm running a really basic WP set-up here, just to test this functionality without the risk of conflict from other plugins. Only a small amount of sample products to update, but I'm beginning to think that this feature just doesn't work? Has this plugin ever worked reliably in earlier versions? ( particularly the sync, which is most important )

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-08-30 21:38:21
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Chr33,
    Update the plugin to the latest version Best regards

  • Chr33

    2017-08-31 23:35:10
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks, I have decided against real cron, and will just manually sync the prices daily. Import seems to work ok, some random thumbnails sneaking into product descriptions though. I am manually editing all the products anyway, so this is ok. Seems to work fine otherwise.

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-09-01 14:55:38
    Purchased Reply

    We are glad that your problem was solved!

  • mknoefel88

    2017-09-26 06:47:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, after I use the Flatsome theme, the redirect to amazon dont work any more (affiliate product link). With an other theme all works fine. it redirect to a wrong item. i know it is not a plugin issue, but is there already a solution?

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-09-26 21:45:05
    Purchased Reply

    Hi mknoefel88,
    We heard that Flatsome theme has some issue with other plugins. We will need to take a look and see if we can find a solution. Open a ticket at support.aa-team.com Best regards

  • mknoefel88

    2017-09-26 22:04:24
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you, it is Ticket: #24713

  • mahmoudtaha1978

    2017-10-02 03:10:12
    Purchased Reply

    Please, I want to add a sale to the affilite in my site, I do not want to sell through Amazon, I want to make customers sell me to my site through a affiliate program .. How do I do that, please tell me .. Thank you,,

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-10-02 23:29:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hi mahmoudtaha1978,
    Not sure I understood what you are trying to do but if you want to sell the products you have imported from Amazon on your website, you can do that. Best regards