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The most advanced WooCommerce Shipping plugin

With WooCommerce Advanced Shipping you can create your own shipping rates based on conditions. This allows you to have the ultimate flexibility in what you want to charge to which people. Best of all, you don’t need to code anything to get started! Using the simple User Interface you can set the conditions based on your shipping needs.

You can create your own table rate shipping based on the conditions. To give a couple examples, you can use ‘Weight’, ‘Volume’, ‘Country’, ‘State’ conditions to set your table shipping rates.

Recommended read; Introducing WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

Multiple WooCommerce shipping methods

With these conditions you can create as many shipping methods as you’d like. Without any programming language knowledge you can set your own specific shipping rate needs.

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping – Shipping Zones

With the Shipping Zones extension you can create a group of locations such as countries, states and zipcodes and set that as a condition. This is ideal when you have the same rate for a list of countries such as entire Europe.

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping – Advanced Pricing

With the WAS Advanced Pricing extension is is possible to set more specific pricing. Using this extension will allow you to;
  • Setup weight based shipping cost
  • Shipping cost per shipping class
  • Shipping cost per category
  • Shipping per product / shipping cost per variation
For example, you can set shipping cost per (specific) product, per shipping class, per category.

Need something more specific? The extension is made to be easily extendable so you can also add your own shipping cost option.

Common shipping rate use cases

Shipping by Weight is one of the most common use cases. There are multiple ways to setup shipping rates by weight that are very flexible. Learn more about setting up shipping rates by weight.

Shipping by Subtotal/Order Amount is also a popular way to setup shipping cost. Setup rates based on the order amount and possibly give free shipping above a certain amount.

Shipping cost per shipping class/category/product are useful when offering products that have separate cost to be shipped. Shipping rates can be setup to be summed together or to only use the most expensive for example.

What users say about WooCommerce Advanced Shipping


The power of this plugin is the use of the conditions. This way you can setup shipping in WooCommerce to your own requirements. For instance it will allow you to setup shipping per city, role based shipping, shipping per zipcode etc.

Not there what you need? It could be that you need a condition that isn’t available by default. Luckily the plugin has been build to be easily extensible. This means that it will be easy to add your own custom conditions. There are also already a lot of these extension scripts made for WooCommerce Advanced Shipping. You can reach out to me through my support page to see if the one you’re looking for is available. If its not available I might be able to offer to build it for you.

There’s also a doc available that describes how you can build a custom condition on your own. More information about the documentation site below.


1. There is some general documentation delivered in the downloaded package
2. You can find more documentation online here; https://aceplugins.com/doc/advanced-shipping-for-woocommerce/


== Changelog ==

= 1.0.14 - 20/09/2017 =

* [Improvement] - Also allow comma separated values for additional cost fields
* [Improvement] - Add a better 'is WC active' check
* [Remove] - 'Priority' field from overview. No longer used.
* [Tested] - WooCommerce 3.2 - Everything works <img src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :-)" title=" :-)" />

= 1.0.13 - 12/03/2017 =

* [Add] - Full WC 3.0 compatibility (earlier versions are also compatible, but can show (harmless) notices)
* [Add] - PHP 7.1 compatibility
* [Improvement] - Ensure the products within a shipping package are shown in the admin order screen
* [Fix] - 'Not equal to' operator not working properly with continents
* [Fix] - Zipcode range character (-) was filtered from zipcodes when it shouldn't

= 1.0.12 - 19/10/2016 =

* [Add] - Continent support inside the 'country' condition
* [Improvement] - Restructure conditional logic parts
* [Improvement] - Use autocomplete select (select2) for conditions with many options
* [Improvement] - Improved 'product' condition value fields (allow searching) and supports huge amounts of products
* [Improvement] - Allow variations to be searched / set in the 'contains product' condition

= 1.0.11 - 01/06/2016 =

* [Fix] - Make sure WPML translated rates only show for the right language
* [Add] - Show the shipping rate ID in the admin table when on shipping debug mode
* [Improvement] - Comma separated cities can now have a space after the comma (previously this didn't work as expected)
* [i18n] - Add Hungarian translation
* WooCommerce 2.6 ready since 1.0.10!

= 1.0.10 - 11/04/2016 =

* [Add] - Shipping rate translation compatibility for WPML
* [Add] - Condition descriptions for all conditions
* [Improvement] - Mobile optimization for the overview table
* [Improvement] - Allow 'coupon' condition to have a percentage of flat amount to match against given discount

= 1.0.9 - 01/03/2016 =

* [Improvement] - When adding condition groups real fast it won't collide with another.
* [Improvement] - Condition (groups) are added in a more smooth way (especially when adding multiple fast).
* [Improvement] - Stock (status), length, weight condition shipping package support.
* [Tweak] - Ensure all allowed countries are in condition list (including ones you don't sell, but do ship to).
* [Add] - Wildcard (*) support for zipcode condition, use asterisk to allow anything after the entered value.
* [Add] - 4 new arguments to 'was_condition_value_field_type_{$type}' hook for more flexibility.

= 1.0.8 - 30/09/2015 =

* [Add] - Option to set default chosen shipping rate priority
* [Improvement] - Better conditional support for shipping packages

= 1.0.7 - 16/08/2015 =

* [Improvement] - 'hide other shipping when free is available' option now shows ALL free shipping rates.

= 1.0.6 - 27/07/2015 =

* [Fix] - Not being able to change post status - introduced in 1.0.5

= 1.0.5 - 18/07/2015 =

* [Improvement] - Load improvement on shipping method pages
* [Improvement] - Only load style + javascript on required pages
* [Improvement] - Add escaping
* [Improvement] - Allow either comma or dot for subtotal, weight conditions
* [Improvement] - Allow comma separated city value
* [Improvement] - Soft deprecated WAS() function, use WooCommerce_Advanced_Shipping() instead
* [Add] - Shipping cost decimal validation
* [Fix] - Add jQuery UI Sortable dependency

= 1.0.4 - 12/03/2015 =

* [Add] - Shipping method sorting
* [Fix] - typo in filter name 'was_condition_value_field_type_'
* [Fix] - Always showed '(kg)' instead of actual weight unit (text only, actual calculations are ok)
* [Improvement] - Shipping title field width was shorter than other in WC 2.3+ (visual improvement)

= 1.0.3 - 23/01/2015 =

* Language - Add Portugese translation
* Improvement - Overview table background color
* Improvement - Use shipping class of variation to calculate shipping cost
* Fix - Notice on overview table when no shipping cost are filled in
* Add - Filter for the matching values 'was_match_condition_values'

= 1.0.2 - 13/12/2014 =

* Fix - Weight mismatches in rare cases
* Fix - Row actions for shipping methods visibility
* Improvement - Use WC() singleton instead of $woocommerce global
* Improvement - Different loading stucture of files and classes for more control

= 1.0.1 - 11/10/2014 =

* Add - 'Contains shipping class' condition
* Fix - Error on WC check
* Fix - Load textdomains
* Fix - Tax calculation
* Improvement - Remove globals, use WAS() function now
* Improvement - Even better code comments/quality
* Improvement - Add filter 'was_shipping_rate'
* Improvement - Add filter 'was_calculate_shipping_costs'
* Improvement - Remove duplicate 'or' when removing condition group

= 1.0.0 - 23/08/2014 =

* First version

Update notices

- When updating from version 1.0.0 to version 1.0.1 or later, please check your tax settings, in the previous version this couldn't be calculated. This was fixed in 1.0.1.
This plugin is not developed by or affiliated with WooCommerce/WooThemes in any way.
  • IngentiThemes

    2017-10-23 08:32:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hi I have a pre-purchase question. I have just setup a Woocommerce store for a client. For existing products, my client wanted table based rates based on cart subtotal. This worked with another free plugin. However, the client asked me to add a set of products that were large and required a flat rate shipping by another courier service. When I added this new shipping method, both shipping classes are displayed on the basket/cart page and the user able to select either irrespective of products in the cart. Does your plugin allow me to only display one shipping method based on class as set in the product? i.e. either table rates for most products and flat rate for a set of very large items? I hope this makes sense. Kind Regards

  • sormano

    2017-10-23 20:05:20
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Yes you are able to setup those kinds of rates with the plugin. E.g. you can only show table rates when there are only regular products in the cart and only a flat rate when large products are in the cart. Depending on your (clients') requirements you can setup to either sum the cost up when both are in the cart, or only show one of the two rates. Cheers, Jeroen

  • IngentiThemes

    2017-10-23 20:20:15
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, I would like to show the shipping costs for items which are calculated in table rate shipping class, and also flat rate shipping only for those items that are large. The user should not have the option of selecting free or table rates for large items, and likewise not be able to select flat rate shipping for items that are meant to be table rate. Yes, the two rates should be totalled when both types of product are in the cart. So from what you have said, this is possible. Can you confirm, and I will discuss options with the client before purchasing.

  • sormano

    2017-10-23 22:49:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Yes you will be able to set this up using this plugin and the WAS Advanced Pricing extension (free with the base plugin, http://docs.shopplugins.com/article/32-woocommerce-advanced-shipping-advanced-pricing ). With this plugin you can setup the cost so its only showing the right one, and with the extension you can setup the cost accordingly / make sure its added up when needed. Cheers, Jeroen

  • IngentiThemes

    2017-10-26 08:03:33
    Purchased Reply

    OK, I have now purchased the plugin and sent the request for the extension via your link above. I await to hear from you.

  • IngentiThemes

    2017-10-27 00:11:23
    Purchased Reply

    So far I can only get the plugin to show a radio button for the end user to select either flat rate shipping or the table rates I set for other products, via a radio button. But it is not allowing the two to be added up at the end. There is no option to split the table rate shipping class from the flat rate class I set and then add the two in the cart. The user has a choice of either. All large items using flat rate have to be shipped separately and the cost calculated separately from small items, which shipping cost are based on price for that class.

  • sormano

    2017-10-27 03:57:57
    Purchased Reply

    I've replied to your email earlier, please feel free to follow up there, but try to only post once, doing it twice on different locations doesn't increase response speed ;-) Thanks, Jeroen

  • Dimis13

    2017-11-02 23:13:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Just a pre sales question. 1 - I want to set different Shipping costs based on cart weight, for different Shipping Zones, and 2a - I want to restrict checkout for specific zones if cart weight exceeds a weight limit (Or just set a weight limit for orders in specific Shipping zones) 2b - (In the case that cart weight exceeds a weight limit, i want to display a message like "You have %sKg weight and we allow only 5Kg for your Shipping zone". Can i do the above with your plugin? Thanks!

  • sormano

    2017-11-03 05:04:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, 1) Yes this is possible 2a) It is possible to not allow a shipping rate to a location if it exceeds the weight limit. 2b) It will then show the default WC message that there's 'no shipping method available'. You can modify this with a code snippet (which I have in my docs), or take a look at one of these plugins to show a message: - https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-shipping-validation-for-woocommerce/ - https://shopplugins.com/plugins/woocommerce-advanced-messages/ Cheers, Jeroen

  • timeturner

    2017-11-06 21:19:15
    Purchased Reply

    Are we ok to update to the latest woo with no issues?

  • sormano

    2017-11-07 01:13:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Yes, the latest version works with the latest of WP, WC. Regards, Jeroen

  • GoUnike

    2017-11-07 21:23:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Can you please confirm if the plugin is ready to do the following: 1. National shipping will cost $5 for the first 5 Kg and then $1 for each 1 Kg extra. This is easy to implement, right? 2. Then, we need to add $1 per order if the user selects payment through Cash on Delivery (COD). Do I need to create a second pricing table where the user selects if he wants with COD or non-COD? Or is there another way to do this? 3. For International orders, the calculation is a bit more complex. It will cost $10 for the first 0.5 Kg and then $5 for each 0.5 Kg extra up to 10 Kg. From 10-15 Kg the cost per 0.5 Kg is $4 Above 15 Kg the cost per 0.5 Kg is $3 COD will be $15 per order. There are 5 countries and each will have a different pricing. The above is just an example. The real costs can be found here: http://dns.d.pr/3v2YTc/4lNBQ8sf and each row is one different country. So, my questions: 3.1 – The basic question: is it easy to implement these calculations with this plugin? 3.2 – Will we need to duplicate the table for each country with the added COD or is there an easier way to do this? If this is confirmed I am ready to purchase the license. Thank you.

  • sormano

    2017-11-08 08:57:26
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, 1) Yes this is possible and easy to implement. 2) Yes a second table would probably be needed. You'd need a extension script that I have available to add the 'Payment gateway' condition. Alternatively it may be done through a custom code snippet, adding cost for payment method shouldn't be too difficult either. 3.1) I do believe its possible to setup these kinds of rates, but it won't be very easy. It can all be done in the user interface, but you will need to be creative and calculate some things to setup the rates properly. 3.2) See the answer at #2, duplicating or custom code snippet (don't have that available). Hope that answers your Qs :-) Jeroen

  • GoUnike

    2017-11-08 19:36:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Jeroen Thank you for the explanation. Regarding points 2 and 3.2, will you be able to send me the code snippet? Is this included in the support if I purchase your plugin? On 3.1, I don't understand. Why will it be complicated to add the setup for the International shipping? Does the plugin allows to add conditions such as: IF <= 0.5 Kg = 10 USD IF >= 0.5001 Kg AND <=10 Kg = 10 USD + 5 USD FOR EACH 0.5 Kg IF >= 10.001 Kg AND <=15 Kg = 10 USD + 3 USD FOR EACH 0.5 Kg Will your support include the setup / clear instructions to achieve this? Thank you

  • sormano

    2017-11-08 23:50:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, For the #2 I have this available and can send this over. For the #3.2 I don't have such custom script available, and creating that is not possible within the support scope Setting up rules like that is easy, but I also suppose you want to charge only the cost according to the weight ranges, e.g. if someone orders 14kg, I suppose you want $10 + $5 for the first 0.5~10kg, and only charge $3 for the 10.01~14kg ranges, which makes it more complicated to setup. I'm happy to give you some pointers on how to set this up, but I can't configure it for you within the support scope, you'd have to do the 'heavy lifting' ;-) Cheers, Jeroen

  • bonushitz

    2017-12-18 19:13:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I'm trying to implement a very complex shipping rate. Please let me know if your plugin can do it.
    Shipping rules are based on District AND Weight.
    1) District 1, 6 Ton for $XX
    2) District 1, 10 Ton for $XY
    3) District 1, 15 Ton for $XZ
    4) District 2, 6 Ton for $YY
    5) District 1, 10 Ton for $YX
    4) District 1, 15 Ton for $YZ
    You can have a look at the shipping quote that my shipping provider provided at here : https://prnt.sc/hoyjf2
    I would like to also know if you plugin could display map of customer's shipping address when calculating shipping price?

  • sormano

    2017-12-19 01:24:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, It is possible to setup locational and weight based shipping rates. I'm not sure how your districts are setup, but you can setup conditions based on country, state, city and zip/postcode. Showing a map is is not possible with this plugin. Cheers, Jereon

  • sinisgroup

    2017-08-11 03:08:50
    Purchased Reply

    Can I disable a product for specific user location (via postalcode) ?

  • sormano

    2017-08-11 03:49:11
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, You would be able to setup a shipping rate that won't show up when the cart contains a certain product within a postal code. This way you can prevent the user from checking out with the product. This would involve having the shipping rates setup in Advanced Shipping, otherwise it won't work ;-) Hope that answers your Q :-) Cheers, Jeroen

  • biiwop

    2017-08-14 15:04:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Sormano, I have a situation where : 5+ products from category 1 (main product category) + 1 product from category 2 (accessory) should make 0$ of shipping cost. This scenario would require me to be able to have conditions such as "Quantity from Category X". Is there a way I can achieve that ? Thank you !

  • sormano

    2017-08-14 17:35:00
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Could you please reach out through the support tab with your support question? I try to keep all support in one place. Thank you, Jeroen

  • dailce

    2017-08-13 00:10:10
    Purchased Reply

    I have a scenario. I offer free shipping on orders over $100. However, if a customer buys $100 of product and uses a coupon to bring the total to $80, then the Free shipping is still applied (IT SHOULD NOT) - this is how woo works apparently. Does your plugin offer the ability to calculate free shipping AFTER the coupon is applied?

  • sormano

    2017-08-13 03:55:20
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, By default it works the same, but I do have a custom code snippet available that adds a new condition: 'Subtotal minus discounts' which will work exactly fitting your requirement. Happy to send the script over, just shoot me a message through the support tab ;-) Cheers, Jeroen

  • joemathis

    2017-08-26 13:50:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, sir! Please tell me what is the difference between this Code canyon plugin, this one https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-advanced-free-shipping/advanced/, and WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages. I see that they are all your work. All different? Thanks Joe

  • sormano

    2017-08-27 00:43:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Joe, The w.org plugin only allows for free shipping, this one here is for paid shipping options. The Advanced Shipping Packages does something different entirely, it allows one to split the cart into separate packages. Regards, Jeroen

  • joemathis

    2017-08-27 04:59:39
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you. It looks like I need the one here and Advanced Shipping Packages!

  • juicedaniel

    2017-09-25 22:15:37
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I just bought your plugin and thought this would take 5 minutes. Now I don't know how to do it haha. So my question is: How can I restrict the shipping of one particular product to only one country? That's what I want to achieve. (Currently all products are being sold/shipped to two countries. But for one new product I need to restrict it to only one country.) ATTENTION: The particular product has three variations (all three variations should be only allowed to be shipped to one country instead of two). Thanks for your help Daniel

  • sormano

    2017-09-26 04:11:55
    Purchased Reply

    Just replied over mail :-)

  • f50im

    2017-04-22 05:10:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Jeroen, we'd like to offer: - a special flat rate shipping option if the basket contents contain only one specific sku/product category, any qty. - our other flat rate shipping options if the basket contents contain that specific sku + any other sku OR any other sku - Offer Free shipping if any basket sub-total => $50 of specific skus/product categories. Can do with Advanced Shipping plugin? -aj

  • sormano

    2017-04-23 03:08:39
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Aj, It is possible to setup certain shipping rates if there's only one category in the cart. There's no condition available for SKU, if needed it is possible to create a custom condition. Using the WAS Advanced Pricing extension you can setup shipping cost according to group (shipping class / category) subtotal, this is not available in any of the conditions though. Hope that makes sense :-) Cheers, Jeroen

  • nasan

    2017-05-27 23:40:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, the plugin doesn't seem to be working anymore. When I visit WooCommerce - Settings - Shipping, the only available options are: Shipping Zones | Shipping Options | Shipping Classes Please help.

  • sormano

    2017-05-28 03:01:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Nasan, The plugin is not broken, it is doing a check to see if WC is active by checking the following file; 'woocommerce/woocommerce.php'. In your case the folder name is probably different causing the 'Advanced Shipping' section to not show up. Please reach out through the support tab if you have any further questions. Thank you, Jeroen

  • jeyhunaba

    2017-07-06 23:18:26
    Purchased Reply

    Presales question! Is this plugin is useful for order delivery filtering? Forexample: In checkout page Customer can choose several option(maybe radio buttons), by clicking 5 days delivery it will show 50$ and by clicking 30 days delivery it will show 13$.

  • sormano

    2017-07-07 01:03:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I'm not sure what you mean with 'order delivery filtering', but it is possible to to setup multiple options for the customer to choose from. You can setup own titles and include the timeframe within there too. Let me know if that answered your question :-) Jeroen

  • jeyhunaba

    2017-07-07 03:15:13
    Purchased Reply

    I mean to choose between several options. to deliver product in 5 days pay 50$. to deliver in 2 weeks pay 25$ etc

  • sormano

    2017-07-07 17:22:43
    Purchased Reply

    Yes it is possible to setup multiple options for the customer to choose from.

  • winnard

    2015-01-05 22:38:41
    Purchased Reply

    [Pre Sale Question] Hi I have come across your plugin and have a quick question before I consider purchasing. If a user spends over £xxx can the plugin change the shipping price to a different amount? For example once the user spends over £150 then shipping cost then becomes £15 as opposed to under £150 it is £8 Can this be done? So Over £150 but under £200 it costs £xx and so on? If so then I will be definitely purchasing this plugin.

  • sormano

    2015-01-06 01:34:00
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Winnard, Yes, that is possible with the 'subtotal' condition ;-) Let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers, Jeroen

  • thesicilian

    2014-12-21 07:16:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, My client is currently shipping to one country and needs the following shipping charges: Single-item orders under $99: $4 Multi-item orders under $30: $6 Multi-item orders $30-$98.99: $8 $99 or over: FREE Will this plug in allow this configuration? As a bonus, can we have all international order not check out, but display a call us notice?

  • sormano

    2014-12-21 20:25:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Yes, all those configurations are possible. If you want to try it out to see how it works you can checkout the demo ;-) This plugin does not have an option to display notices as that is out of scope for this plugin, but good news for you, I am releasing another plugin which does exactly that! If you follow me on twitter @jeroensormani you will see the tweet and link about it soon! Happy holidays! Jeroen

  • amintram

    2014-11-23 22:45:37
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I am in the UK and our post codes (zipcodes) are split into two sections i.e. AB12 3CD We would like to offer local delivery to the AB12 area, and not have to list ALL the post codes within the AB12 area. Is this possible? Can it use wildcards or partial matching? Thanks in advance, Andy P.S. I have already purchased it for the general postage logic, but it would be useful to do all of this in one plugin.

  • sormano

    2014-11-24 08:29:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Amintram, At the moment there are no wild cards available by default in the plugin (is coming). If you can reach out to my via the support section (mail) I can send you a extension which you can use ;-) Cheers, Jeroen

  • lukeseall

    2014-11-05 23:35:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Great plugin. There only seems to be a way to add OR statements to shipping conditions. Is there a way to add AND statements? i.e if quantity is equal or greater then 2 AND if quantity is equal or less than 10

  • lukeseall

    2014-11-05 23:40:12
    Purchased Reply

    Ignore Me, I just figured it out. For anyone else - Click on the + symbol next to the value field

  • sormano

    2014-11-06 01:39:27
    Purchased Reply

    Good to hear your already found it! :-) Any tips how it could possibly be more clear for users? Thanks! Jeroen Sormani

  • lukeseall

    2014-11-06 23:27:29
    Purchased Reply

    I originally thought the plus and minus buttons were to adjust the value field. Maybe move them further to the right of the box or use the word "Add" instead? or even "Add Condition". Advanced Custom Fields plugin does this quite well. I like the plugin a lot though!

  • sormano

    2014-11-07 01:06:40
    Purchased Reply

    HI, Thanks for the feedback! I'll think about changing it to 'Add', but I do think 'Add condition' is too big for that button ;-) Cheers, Jeroen

  • PictureIdeas

    2014-11-29 03:38:26
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, We have a problem with city-based shipping with your extension. We have configured the shipping for several cities. At checkout page we only see the shipping price for the first city. If we change the city at shipping details, the shipping price does not change, it remains the same, for the first city. Can you help to solve this out?

  • sormano

    2014-11-30 04:11:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Do you get a refresh of the totals, or doesn't that happen either? Can you contact me through the support section (email) to get in touch? Thanks! Jeroen

  • PictureIdeas

    2014-12-01 20:24:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, We've solved the problems ourselves. Field update_totals_on_change should be enabled, and then everything works fine (in our instance, when cities were shown at drop down, the shipping price did not change). Hope this will help others too.

  • sormano

    2014-12-02 02:11:59
    Purchased Reply

    Good to hear! Let me know if any other questions arise :-)

  • simplybrigadeiro

    2014-11-29 05:57:20
    Purchased Reply

    Hello there, I'm looking for a shipping plug in by zip code in same town for delivery. (For exemple: the store is in Santa Monica then i have deliveries for Santa Monica and Hollywood. I want to be able to set up delivery to Santa Monica that cost this much and delivery to Hollywood that is this much, and so on for the rest of Los Angeles area.) Can I do that with this plug in? Please let me know! Thanks

  • sormano

    2014-11-30 04:40:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, You can create condition/shipping methods for specific zipcodes/zipcode ranges/city names. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions! Cheers, Jeroen

  • simplybrigadeiro

    2014-11-30 06:15:11
    Purchased Reply

    It sounds that is does what I'm looking for. Thanks!

  • mickeybrouwer

    2014-12-04 03:16:13
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Sormano, Is it possible with this plugin to set up a delivery system like the table shown on this page? http://webbrouwer.com/projecten/covers/shipping-and-returns/ Looking forward to your respons! Greetings from Amsterdam. Mickey

  • sormano

    2014-12-04 18:52:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hey Mickey, Looking at the page I would definitely say Yes. To make your life easier to set it up, I've got an extra extension to allow you to easier select multiple countries (as I see you might need that). Contact me through my website: http://www.jeroensormani.com/contact if you decide to buy the plugin and would like that extension :-) Groeten uit Alphen aan den Rijn ;-) Jeroen Sormani

  • mickeybrouwer

    2014-12-06 00:09:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hey Sormani, Thanks for the quick responds. Good to hear the plugin will do the job. Got your details noted. Fijne dag! Mickey