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Agile Store Locator is a premium WordPress Google Maps Plugin designed to offer you immediate access to all the best stores in your local area. The plugin can be used for stores listing, deals listing, hotel listing, real estate listing, restaurant listing, job listing and so on. It enables you to find the very best stores and their location thanks to the power of Google Maps. Our Store Locator Plugin uses the Google Maps API V3 in order to offer you immediate, accurate information about each store that suits a customer inquiry.

Store Locator (Google Maps) :: Features list

  1. 5 Beautiful Themes for frontend.
  2. Multiple Layouts with Listing and Accordion Option.
  3. Accordion template with hierarchy of Countries, States, Cities and Stores.
  4. Color Palette for Google Maps Plugin UI Color Selection.
  5. Multiple Beautiful InfoWindow.
  6. Extra Template for Deals Websites to show their exciting deals on Maps.
  7. Extra Template for Real Estate websites to show their Properties and categorize them into Sale, Rent and Featured.
  8. Easily customize your info window content, which is a very unique feature.
  9. Easily customize your store list by just adding few keywords.
  10. Admin Dashboard for Store Locator with all the stats of your markers, stores, categories and search.
  11. Analytics Bar Chart to Show user searches which location they have searched most and which store is seen most.
  12. Analytics Bar Chart to Show Searches, top stores and top locations.
  13. Time Selection for Each Day for Every Location.
  14. Duplicate any Store with a Single Click.
  15. Add Markers with Each Category, Switch between Category Markers and Default Markers.
  16. 2 Prompt Location dialog for GeoLocation.
  17. Prompt Location 2nd dialog ask user to enter his Default Location in case site is not using SSL.
  18. Assign Multiple Categories to single store.
  19. All the ASL Settings can be Overridden by ShortCode Attributes.
  20. Add Minimum and Maximum Zoom Level for your google maps.
  21. Fetch Location Coordinates (Lat/Lng) as you type in store address.
  22. Too many markers? Enable Marker Clustering.
  23. Full Width Interactive Google Maps Template.
  24. Logo Management Panel.
  25. Marker Manage Panel.
  26. Choose Stores Time Format 12 or 24 Hours.
  27. Choose Distance unit Miles/KM.
  28. Draggable Marker to PinPoint Location.
  29. Manage Markers icons with names ( UPDATE, ADD and Delete).
  30. Set the zoom level of marker clicked.
  31. Manage Categories icons with names ( UPDATE, ADD and Delete).
  32. Import / Export Stores Excel Sheet with all the columns.
  33. Delete All Stores with Single Click.
  34. Choose a Google map type Hybrid, Roadmap, Satellite or Terrain.
  35. Prompt Location show the dialog box for confirmation to share current location.
  36. Show Distance to each Store from Current Location.
  37. Set Default Zoom of your Map.
  38. Load on bound fetch Only markers of the screen.
  39. Custom Filter Option.
  40. Disable Scroll Wheel.
  41. Show additional Information about Store.
  42. Enable/Disable Advance Filter.
  43. Assign Marker to Each Category and Enable Category Markers.
  44. Draw Shapes/Circle around your best locations.
  45. Change Placeholder Text for your search field.
  46. Show Category Icons instead of Marker icons.
  47. Enable/Disable Distance Slider.
  48. Set Default Lat/Lng of your Map.
  49. Change Header Title Text.
  50. Change font color for default Template.
  51. Change Category Title Text.
  52. Enable/Disable Store List Panel.
  53. Search Stores with Search by search by Store ID, Title, Description, Street, State, City, Phone, Email, URL, Postal Code, Disabled, Marker, Start Time, End Time, Logo and Created Date.
  54. Customize your google maps with Drawing Overlay (Polygon, Rectangle, Circle) of Multiple Colors.
  55. Choose Maps look and feel from Snazzy Maps.
  56. Search by Address with auto-panning option.
  57. Filter Store Locator by Category for multiple store locators.
  58. Add Google Layers to Show Traffic, Transit and Bike Layers.
  59. Enable Marker Animation.
  60. Counter of Total Stores with Live Update as you Pan over Map.
  61. Restrict your google Search to Country.
  62. Switch between Google Search and Title Search on Store Locator.
  63. Enable Full Width for your Plugin.
  64. Enable/Disable Analytics.
  65. Enable/Disable Sort by Bound.
  66. Add Text for “No Item Found”.
  67. Show Nearest Stores from search location.
  68. Default Category Selection Option
  69. Option to select Map Language
  70. Option to select Map Region for Tiles
  71. Logo Manger with Listing
  72. Customization Template within your theme
  73. Set Fixed Radius Value for Range Slider
  74. Full Page Map and Fixed
  75. Set Radius Limit for Slider
  76. Update Existing Stores using Import
  77. Open Direction in Google Maps App in Mobile
  78. Sort by Distance, Name, City, and State
  79. Custom Ordering Supported
  80. Radius Circle for Search Range
  81. 65+ Advance Options for Admin.

Store Locator WordPress :: Change Logs

13.07.2016 - ver 1.0
- Added Google Maps API Key Option
- Fixed: The position of ASL, previously it was putting at the top of the Page
- Tried to remove the conflict of jQuery if already added in admin
- Fixed: Google Maps Cluster was not disabling Properly
- Fixed: Distance Slider was not disabling

-Add RTL and translation support in WP Plugin
-Week Days selection in WP Admin
-Full-Width Map Store Locator
-Show and Hide List Store Locator List
-Time Format 24 Hours

-Added Logo_image in Excel Import

-Added Separate Time for Each Day - Add time slot for each day
-Added Duplicate Store feature
-Added Layers and Shapes on google maps
-Allow to Set Zoom when item Clicked on google maps

- Fixed Issue with VC
- Add new marker images
- Minor bugs fixed

- Dashboard and Analytics Added
- Top Searched and Top Views Stores Added
- Added MinZoom and MaxZoom for Google Maps

- Minor issues fixed
- Deal Maps Plugin
- Real Estate Maps Plugin

- Accordion Template minor fix
- Added User Help in Backend

- Added Help text in Admin

- Removed jQuery UI from Admin
- Added Some Fixes
- Fixed Editor issue

Add Logo Manager
Fix marker sorting issue in admin
Upgraded UI
Fix glyphicon Issue
Show Nearest Search Location

Add Logo Manager
Full Height Fixed
Full Height Feature
Fixed category Click

Updated RTL CSS
Default Category Selection
Added Default Map Added
Map Region Added Map Language

Added Customization Template Option
Added qTranslate Compatibility
Fixed Minor issues
Added Fixed_Radius parameter
Updated CSS

Added Fix for Category Icon Path
Updated Admin CSS
Removed Conflict of Bootstrap Modal
Removed Conflict of Bootstrap Dropdown

Updated Bootstrap JS file
Removing a Notice from a file

Moved Action buttons to Left in Manage Stores
Added Update Stores option in Import/Export
Open Map in Mobile App
Fixed missing multi-lingual words

version  3.2.0
Moved Action buttons to Left in Manage Stores
Added Update Stores option in Import/Export
Open Google Map in Mobile App
Fixed missing multi-lingual words
Added Sorting by Name, Distance, City, and State

Mobile Optimize
target _blank for website
Limit to Categories
Add drop-down for Selection
Multiple Dates for a Store
Full Day ON/OFF
Updated no_script HTML
Updated start time and End time from admin
RTL of new work
Translation Updated

Backup Assets
Import Assets

Option to Select Search Button Type
Sort by Logo

Set your own Custom Store List Order
Sort by Store ID

Option to Limit No # of Stores in List
Smooth Pan Option
Set Search Zoom
Set Default Location Marker
Set Limit to Store Logo Width n Height
Set Limit to Category Icon Width n Height
Set Limit to Marker Icon Width n Height

Add Reset Option in Categories
Added Search by Store City, State (Beta Version)
Added Notification of Google Maps API Error

Fetch Missing Lat/Lng without reimport
Remove other Google Maps scripts
Remove chance of Conflict in Accordion Layout

Add a Radius Circle for Search

Minor glitch fixed
Added new countries in the Country List

Fixed Countries table issue of the last build

Tested with WordPress 5

Add auto scroll to the list
Translation in admin
Support csv with Excel sheet
Second Search with search_2 parameter

Modern Admin UI with Bootstrap 4
MySQL query stress reduced for Admin
minor updates

Import Stores Images by the URL.

10-05-2019 Compatible with WordPress 5.2

  • frdavid1

    2016-08-24 16:07:13
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, A. Is it possible to change the map language and the directions from English to other language? B. Is it possible to show all the custom opening times for the store? (right now it only shows the opening days, and the opening hours of the current day) thanks

  • agilelogix

    2016-08-24 16:52:46
    Purchased Reply

    Yes Language can be changed, please read this article https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/localization Yes its possible to change the custom opening timing for all stores separately, use Custom Timing in Add Store/Edit Store Thanks

  • frdavid1

    2016-07-11 03:06:59
    Purchased Reply

    Does it support RTL and translation?

  • agilelogix

    2016-07-19 07:49:35
    Purchased Reply

    RTL support will be added at the end of this week. Thank you

  • agilelogix

    2016-07-21 04:35:30
    Purchased Reply

    RTL and translation is added today.

  • bundyflavour

    2016-09-26 21:56:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, I have bought this plugin but I have problems with the Google API Key, as google says when i log In that I don't have access to the services and it tells me I need to buy them. Why is that ??

  • agilelogix

    2016-09-26 22:00:39
    Purchased Reply

    Hi thanks for purchasing the plugin, please let me know through email what problem you are getting with the Google API Key. Email me at [email protected] Plus there is an article explaining how you can Get an API Key please have a look at that first. https://agilestorelocator.com/enable-google-maps-api-agile-store-locator-plugin/ Thanks

  • bundyflavour

    2016-09-26 22:29:15
    Purchased Reply

    OK, got the api but what I do not understand, where is the plugin I need to upload as I donwloaded a lot of files but no .zip file. What do I need to do ??? Ned to put all the files I downlaoded in a folder and than .ZIP that folder ??? What name should i give to the folder ?? Or how we have to do this ?

  • bundyflavour

    2016-09-26 22:37:29
    Purchased Reply

    What I do not understand is that the free version was working fine but this paid version from here don't display well at all. It's like is missing a CSS or something. Please send me the .ZIP File I need to upload on Wordpress and install only as you mixed all the files here

  • agilelogix

    2016-09-26 22:40:47
    Purchased Reply

    Please email me, I'll send you the files through email. [email protected]

  • agilelogix

    2016-09-26 22:44:14
    Purchased Reply

    What do I need to do? @ Upload the plugin zip file, if you have problem please email me I'll send you the zip file again. @What name should i give to the folder ?? No need to rename anything just upload it.

  • bundyflavour

    2016-09-27 01:15:01
    Purchased Reply

    The problem is that your plugin, the files that I download from CodeCanyon are a list of folders and files, there is no MAIN FOLDER which needs to be in .ZIP format ( only 1 folder like all the other plugins ), there are all the things mixed together there including the HELP files and everything. I only need the main plugins folder in .zip file ( everything in just a folder ) in order to upload it to WP Also sent you a mail Thanks

  • agilelogix

    2016-09-27 02:13:21
    Purchased Reply

    The folder which you downloaded as .zip from codecanyon is the main folder to upload, i 've also emaiked that folder at [email protected], please upload that.

  • bundyflavour

    2016-09-27 02:46:02
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, didn't receive it yet. Please send it again if possible at the same or hotmail.com and also please not post my mail here. Thanks

  • agilelogix

    2016-09-27 02:49:07
    Purchased Reply

    Can you please check your spam mails, i sent you the build an hour ago.

  • Christianmclark92

    2017-01-28 00:24:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I've just purhcased the plugin and it seems my map isn't functional? I've uploaded store locations and I've got the map on my page seen here: http://www.zylight.com/zylight2/find-a-dealer/ - but it isnt searching?

  • agilelogix

    2017-01-28 01:35:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I've just checked there is multiple inclusion of google maps script, you have to remove that. https://www.screencast.com/t/dRMSEOopU0Y This is the reason your map is malfunctioning. Please remove this line, then it will work perfectly fine. Its loading either from your theme function.php or any easy-fancybox. https://www.screencast.com/t/hDe7yQ4UB4m Email me for more questions, [email protected] Thank you

  • Christianmclark92

    2017-01-28 01:54:58
    Purchased Reply

    @Agilelogix Where can this line be removed?

  • agilelogix

    2017-01-28 01:57:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, open your theme editor and check function.php file, it may be there OR try disabling easy-fancybox.

  • Christianmclark92

    2017-01-28 02:13:51
    Purchased Reply

    @Agilelogix - Hi, I fixed the issue. It wasn't the functions file or plugins. It was the google maps I had included at the top of the page separate from the ASL. It caused the error. thanks for the speedy response. I have one other question though, is it possible to replace the country tag beneath the phone tag with something different like a text? I would like to display additional information both either in the map or on the store list view. thanks

  • edurj

    2017-04-18 02:51:18
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, in a comment you said you would share an article on how you can make it map full height with some css adjustments. I could not get 100% height. How can I do this ? Do I need to use any specific themes? Thank you

  • agilelogix

    2017-04-18 03:15:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hi edurj, Please check your email. Thank you

  • luisegomez

    2017-04-12 02:41:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I need help with the plugin. 1. It doesn't load the map. http://gomezcalderon.com/lidherma/donde-comprar/ 2. I need the plugin in Spanish translation. I saw the documentation but It still continues in English. Thanks for your help.

  • agilelogix

    2017-04-12 03:13:10
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, you have installed ubermenu, that is injecting google maps script without API key and without libraries. All you need is to comment that that line in ubermenu. https://www.screencast.com/t/SPt9uYwEhN https://agilestorelocator.com/wiki/plugins-map-slow-malfunctioning/ Thank you

  • agilelogix

    2017-04-12 03:15:00
    Purchased Reply

    Spanish translation is already provided in the plugin, please email me your site details so I can check your problem. [email protected] Thank you

  • agilelogix

    2017-04-12 19:56:39
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, it's already showing in Spanish. https://www.screencast.com/t/lbL8uxJw

  • yolandaruiz

    2017-06-01 22:44:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hi! I'm a happy customer ;-) but I have a question. I have added links to each location linking to internal pages inside the site (not external). But the field of the link open a new page everytime I click on it. I need to be opened this links in the same page, not in a new one. I have review the instructions https://agilestorelocator.com/wiki/add-site-link-store-locator-list/ but I cannot find out the code portion I have to insert (besides I'm not a php programmer). Please, can you help me on this? Thanks!

  • agilelogix

    2017-06-02 05:44:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi thank you, if you can provide me your SITE URL, I'll provide you the way of doing it, we will add it as an option in the upcoming release. Thank you

  • yolandaruiz

    2017-06-02 08:40:32
    Purchased Reply

    Sure! here you have it! http://premiosgato.com/prueba-mapa/ thanks so much for your attention!

  • yolandaruiz

    2017-06-02 23:54:11
    Purchased Reply

    one more question: aparently, the .po and .mo for the local Spanish language is correct. But there are some text chains that are still in English (despite the fact they are correctly translated in Spanish), like Directions, Details, etc... Am I missing something to have them in Spanish? Thanks!

  • yolandaruiz

    2017-06-02 23:54:43
    Purchased Reply

    I mean: they are correctly translated in .po and .mo but they are not showing correctly at the front. Thanks

  • agilelogix

    2017-06-04 07:17:04
    Purchased Reply

    Please email me your .po and .mo files, I'll check them. [email protected] Thank you

  • plasmedia

    2017-05-25 01:35:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hello we get an error activating plugin: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare activate_AgileStoreLocator() (previously declared in /srv/html/veryweb/cruciani.net/wp-content/plugins/agile-store-locator/agile-store-locator.php:46) in /srv/html/veryweb/cruciani.net/wp-content/plugins/codecanyon-16973546-agile-store-locator-google-maps-for-wordpress/agile-store-locator.php on line 55 Can you help us?

  • agilelogix

    2017-05-25 03:45:27
    Purchased Reply

    Please delete the free version or you must have installed it twice. Thank you

  • mchomatas

    2017-05-26 21:32:11
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! We would like to have a second language in the plugin and also to tsanslate the data (i mean the addresses etc.) http://netwiseserver.gr/deligios/pou-tha-mas-vreite/ How we can do that?

  • agilelogix

    2017-05-26 22:07:01
    Purchased Reply

    You can put multiple languages by uploading .mo and .po file, but the data entered will be a single language. Please email me at [email protected] for customization service. Thank you

  • skape_18

    2017-08-15 22:11:37
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Very nice plugin. Works like a charm. Just one little question. The distance slider is just visible after entering a location. Is there a possibility to make it visible at start?

  • agilelogix

    2017-08-15 22:21:39
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, thank you. It appears later because we don't know the source (coordinates) for the distance, when user enter or select geolocation, his home location is considered as Center, that's why once we have two end points we show the distance slider. Email me at [email protected], I'll let you know, how you can show it from start. Thank you

  • vickistep

    2017-11-17 05:26:20
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! I am using Agile Store Locator here http://www.comingsooon.com/loudounfarms/local-meat-poultry/beef/. All of a sudden the category dropdown stopped displaying the other categories and now only displays the one category selected in the shortcode. I believe that it used to display all categories - just with the desired category selected first. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks!

  • agilelogix

    2017-11-17 07:27:44
    Purchased Reply

    Ok, I got your email, Will check it in our morning time. Thanks

  • agilelogix

    2017-11-18 02:21:13
    Purchased Reply

    You have used category attribute which will restrict to only that category, if you want default selection please use select_category attribute instead of category. https://agilestorelocator.com/wiki/use-agile-store-locator-shortcodes/ Thanks

  • simsale1

    2017-10-26 03:29:23
    Purchased Reply

    I'm trying to find out if I can hyperlink the entire store info box to a certain page instead of just the details button. Also how do I change the color scheme to color that's not preset.

  • agilelogix

    2017-10-26 04:05:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I need to check this, but I think it will require some extra customizatiom, I 'll comfirm it by your email I recieved. This is how to chamge the color. https://agilestorelocator.com/wiki/custom-color-store-locator/ Thank you

  • regifter

    2017-11-29 06:14:25
    Purchased Reply

    Hello - great plugin. But one question... I have NOT selected the "open link in new tab" option. I don't want our site visitors to have a lot of extra open tabs. But even though I have the box UNCHECKED - when you click on the "Website" link (in the map marker popup) - it still opens in a new tab. What is happening - am I missing something? - Thank you! (sorry - the map is here on our staging site: http://tviscratch1.com/about-jakers-bar-and-grill/ )

  • agilelogix

    2017-11-29 06:44:01
    Purchased Reply

    OK, please email us at [email protected] Thank you

  • rsvgold

    2017-10-02 19:51:11
    Purchased Reply

    Can you kindly advise how to edit the formatting - text sizes + line-height of the search results, thanks

  • agilelogix

    2017-10-02 20:11:00
    Purchased Reply

    Hi RSVGOLD, I'm replying to your email within 30 minutes. Thank you

  • mrboats

    2017-12-06 02:19:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, looking for a solution for a mobile, map-based UI for Woocommerce Bookings. Your plugin looks interesting, but any idea (or example) of how it plays together with Bookings, each of the "pins" would represent a separate Booking. I would like the map to show always in Full screen mode on mobiles. Can you "lock" the map into full screen? What about putting the site menu (but nothing else) as on overlay or banner at the top of the screen either above (narrow banner) or on-top (semi-transparent)?

  • agilelogix

    2017-12-06 18:26:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, it is quite simple to use, you have to Upload all the booking with coordinates (or address Coords will be fetched from Google), then every pin would represent a booking, on URL you can put the homepage URL of that booking page. User has the option to lock to full screen mode, our plugin also supports full screen at the page level. For your menu adjustment, I think you need some customization. Thank you

  • caronlab-australia

    2018-03-13 13:15:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Thanks for great plugin, We have a distributors in all australia. I am trying t display australia map. When i entered the lat and long for australia. its pointing to wrong position.

  • agilelogix

    2018-03-13 14:55:17
    Purchased Reply

    Please try to add country coordinates in ASL settings, you can also set it with attributes [ASL_STORELOCATOR default_lat="xxx" default_lng="xxx"] email us at [email protected] Thank you

  • hiwire-creative

    2018-03-17 02:19:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I'm getting an error with the latest version of the plugin. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (HTTP/2.0 404) codecanyon-16973546-agile-store-locator-google-maps-for-wordpress/public/font/direction.svg?63143342#direction I took a look inside the public folder of the plugin and noticed that the cause for the error I believe is that the folder is actually "public/fonts" with an "S". You may want to release a patch for this. Thanks!

  • agilelogix

    2018-03-18 04:57:50
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for highlighting, yes uploading the patch. Thanks

  • airby

    2018-04-20 12:02:53
    Purchased Reply

    Greetings, I can't get my Google API key to validate when importing locations. i have enabled the geolocator in my API console. please assist. I have a purchase code too.

  • airby

    2018-04-20 12:07:43
    Purchased Reply

    Well something clicked it validated itself, but it won't import any of the data. it has one row that failed to geo locate and said 0 rows imported

  • agilelogix

    2018-04-20 17:28:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, please send your details at [email protected] so we can check your problem. Thank you

  • green_team

    2018-05-08 02:23:35
    Purchased Reply


  • agilelogix

    2018-05-08 03:10:12
    Purchased Reply

    Please check your email. Thanks

  • WebB2016

    2018-07-11 21:41:35
    Purchased Reply

    how is it possible to hide business hours and days in the list, i used your instructions but it only hides it in map info not on the list. thank you

  • agilelogix

    2018-07-11 22:15:00
    Purchased Reply

    Please search for open_hours on the same page where you have removed it, and delete it from the other place. https://agilestorelocator.com/wiki/remove-hours-store-list/ Thanks