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Version: 3.2.1 | Porto is already Fully Compatible with Magento 1.9.4.x and 2.3.x

  • Magento Community Edition 2.0.10, 2.1.x, 2.2.x Ready!
  • Magento Community Edition 1.7.x – 1.9.3.x Ready!
  • Magento Enterprise Edition 2.x Ready!
  • Magento Enterprise Edition 1.13~1.14.x Ready!
  • Responsive Magento Theme & Retina Ready
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Only free Google Fonts over 300
  • Easy Install Sample Data
  • Fluid Product Grid 2 – 8 Columns
  • Unlimited Header Types
  • Lots of Product Detail Page Variations
  • Dark Version available!
  • Responsive On/Off Mode
  • Super Fast Magento Theme
  • 1st Fully Working Ajax Theme
  • Various Category Banners
  • Parallax Category Banner
  • Banner Slider in Category Page
  • Product Page with/without Sidebar
  • Lots of Userful Custom Blocks
  • 20 Homepage Layouts including Full Screen mode
  • Magento Ajax Navigation Extension Integrated
  • Magento Ajax Cart Extension Integrated
  • Touch Friendly for all Mobile Devices
  • 300+ Admin Features
  • Browser Compatibility(IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
  • Social Bookmarks for Products
  • “New” and “Sale” Product Labels
  • Customizable Product Image Ratio
  • Nice Price Slider
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mega Menu, Vertical Mega Menu
  • Flexsible Menu functionality
  • Change Image on Hover
  • Support Right-To-Left Language
  • Fast Support & Regular Updates
  • All of Amasty’s Magento 2 Extensions now support full compatibility with Porto
  • Compatible with CM Multivendor Extension.
  • Compatible with Webkul Marketplace Extension.
  • Compatible with IWD_Onepagecheckout Extension.
  • Compatible with Zeon_Manufacturer Extension.
  • Compatible with Mageplaza Extensions(One Step Checkout, Social Login, Blog, Affiliate, and much more )

Version 3.0.0 (1/18/2018)

Fixed: quickview link was not showing in category page list mode.
Fixed: configuration was not correct in theme files, different with demo site.(M2)
Fixed: styling issue when it has no brands attribute in product detail page.(M1)
Fixed: In category page's sidebar, maximize-minimize icons were reversed.
Fixed: styling issue in product detail page's add-to-cart sticky feature.
Fixed: In some case, left and right arrow position was not centered vertically in product detail page's image zoom box.
Fixed: In demo 8's product detail page, font icons in the right sidebar was not styled as main color.
Fixed: different background color issue in add cart popup.
Fixed: Minor styling issues.
Fixed: hover styling issue in demo 12's classic menu.
Fixed: styling issue in quickview popup in demo 2(M2)
Fixed: left navigation issue while scrolling(M1)
Fixed: an issue for full width demos(M2), it was being enlarged from boxed width while page load.
Added: speed optimization tab, you can now minimize bootstrap, animate css and jquery ui files to speedup page download size.
Added: max-height for full screen sliders to make them nice on large screen resolutions.
Added: Made sidebar content as popup in below 991px width mode.
Added: min-height for demo 15's homepage blocks, to avoid breaking in mobile devices.
Added: jquery-ui js optimization option
Added: animate.css optimization option
Added: bootsrap optimization optioon
Updated: Bootstrap version to 4.0
Updated: rearranged demo order for Magento 2 version, all demo orders are now same as Magento 1 demos.
Updated: menu color of demo 1
Updated: RTL compatibility.
Updated: compare link to be always visible like M1 demos(M2)
Updated: menu position in mobile resolutions as original M1 demos(M2)
Updated: For modern designs, restored mini-cart popup as classic designs
Updated: gap space size between columns in modern demo 12
Updated: made filter popup under 991px mobile mode in category page.
Updated: right sidebar of product detail page smaller in full screen mode.
Updated: demo 18's homepage slider, works beautifully on any screen resolutions.(M1)
Updated: layout column option setting issue in admin option(M2)
Updated: mobile header for Magento 2 demos, mobile menu position is now same as Magento 1 demos
Updated: replaced related products with featured products in product detail page.(M2)
Updated: WeltPixel Quickview Extension(M2)
Updated: Made upsell products as owl carousel in product detail page.(M2)
Updated: quickview styling(M2)
Updated: mobile responsiveness for category page in 320~480px width mode.
Updated: quickstart package content(comes with Magento and 2.2.1)
Updated: documentation
Removed: top bar in newsletter popup for all m2 demos

Version 3.0.1 (2/21/2018)

Fixed: the menu columns in the megamenu popup was not showing correctly.(M1)
Fixed: in demo 15, parallax images were not working properly in mobile devices.(M1)
Fixed: in demo 3's category page, layered navigation's expand/collapse button's activity was wrong.(M1)
Fixed: in demo 3's category page, toolbar button styles were not correctly.(M1)
Fixed: minor css style issues.(M1)
Fixed: license activation issue.(M1, M2)
Updated: reorgnized header type variations, removed some unnecessary header types.(M1)
        removed old type 9, 20 (you can use header type 3)
        removed old type 21 (you can use header type 4)
        removed old type 22 (you can use header type 6)
        removed old type 23 (you can use header type 9)
        removed old type 24 (you can use header type 21)
        removed old type 25 (you can use header type 12)
        removed old type 26 (you can use header type 13)
        removed old type 27 (you can use header type 14)
        removed old type 28 (you can use header type 10)
        removed old type 29 (you can use header type 16)
        removed old type 30 (you can use header type 20)

Version 3.0.2 (3/19/2018)

Fixed: compilation issue by layerednavigation extension.(M2)
Fixed: old header type style issues.(M2)
Updated: daily deal extension's styles.(M1)
Updated: reorgnized header type variations, removed some unnecessary header types.(M2)
        removed old type 17 (you can use header type 2)
        removed old type 19 (you can use header type 6)
        removed old type 21 (you can use header type 17)
        removed old type 22 (you can use header type 10)
        removed old type 23 (you can use header type 7)
        removed old type 24 (you can use header type 5)
        removed old type 25 (you can use header type <img src="/images/smileys/cool.png" alt="8)" title="8)" />
        removed old type 26 (you can use header type 13)
        removed old type 27 (you can use header type 19)

Version 3.0.3 (4/10/2018)

Added: New 12 types of About Us Pages.(M1, M2)
Added: daily deal extension.(M2)
Updated: daily deal extension's styles.(M1)
Updated: the correct links of the footer.(M1,M2)
Updated: many styling improvements
Updated: show "featured products" instead of "related products" in product detail page.(M2)

Version 3.0.4 (4/20/2018)

- Fix calling font-awesome by less file made the issue when running deploy command because this method is not compatible with Magento 2. Called fontawesome to theme by using css instead
- Fix the style issue for instagram layout M1, M2
- Fix the issue with spacing between product image and product info in detail page (M2)
- Fix the issue with appearance of category page, M2 

Version 3.0.6 (5/25/2018)

Updated: Magento 2.2.4  compatibility(M2)
Fixed: ajax add to cart with QTY was not working.(M1)
Fixed: contact us page style issue on demo 2.(M1)
Fixed: thumbnail images were dissappeared when clicking thumbnail image of the product detail page on mozilla firefox.(M1)
Fixed: the product image was not showing in the product detail page on Magento 2.2.4.(M2)
Fixed: latest products and featured products carousel were not working correctly when resize the screen.(M2)
Fixed: minor css style issues.(M1, M2) 

Version 3.1.0 (6/25/2018)

Fixed: minicart style issues.(M1, M2)
Fixed: one page category side navigation issue on demo19.(M1)
Fixed: style issues for downloadable, grouped, bundle product detail page.(M1, M2)
Fixed: owl carousel, megamenu js script issue when load the page at first time.(M2)
Fixed: category filter php fatal issue, when enable flat category catalog.(M2)
Fixed: sticky header issue on demo 17(M2)
Fixed: sticky header issue on demo 13(M1)
Fixed: responsive style issues.(M1, M2)
FIxed: product added notifications showing in homepage(M2)
Fixed: minor css style issues.(M1, M2)
Fixed: layout align issue in demo 1(M1)
Added: Product Type Variations - Default, Extended, Fullwidth, Grid Images, Sticky Left Right Info(for M1 only), Sticky Right Info, Vertical Thumbnails.(M1, M2)
Added: lazyload product images for the product list.(M1, M2)
Added: search by category in the header by mageplaza search extension.(M2)
Added: compare links into top header(M2)
Added: infinite scroll feature(M2)
Added: special offer link into menu that shows daily deals products or sale products(M1, M2)
Updated: all sidebars will be shown by sticky, added necessary option in admin panel(M1, M2)
Updated: infinite scroll function for the category page works with clicking the "Load More" button, not mouse scrolling.(M1, M2)
Updated: upsell products will be shown by 5 columns with owl carousel.(M1, M2)
Updated: configurable swatches styles in product detail page.(M1, M2)
Updated: removed featured product carousel and added related product carousel in the right sidebar of product detail page.(M2)
Updated: header style and minicart on demo 16 (M1, M2)
Updated: content layout to full width on demo 16 ( M1, M2)
Updated: quickstart package, demo content and magento version to 2.2.4
Updated: owl carousel to latest version(M1, M2)
Updated: styling for downloadable, grouped and bundle products(M1, M2)

Version 3.1.1 (7/5/2018)

Fixed: layout style issue on demo 2(M2)
Fixed: some elements' z-index issue that overflows on sticky header on demo 2(M2)
Fixed: default product page layout broken issue in demo 16(M2)
Updated: mega menu style for demo 2(M1, M2)
Updated: default product detail page layout for demo 2(M1, M2)
Updated: enabled sticky header on demo 13(M1, M2)
Updated: layout style for main content, to have same align with header on demo 19(M2)
Updated: demo 20's 2nd and 4th block position(M1, M2)
Updated: added max-width to full-width mega menu for full screen resolutions(M1, M2)

Version 3.1.2 (7/13/2018)

Fixed: image lazy load issue(M2)
Fixed: product image ratio does not work properly in some cases(M2)
Fixed: featured products carousel does not show images by lazyload properly(M1, M2)
Updated: mobile menu design(M2)

Version 3.1.3 (7/18/2018)

Fixed: stellar issue in product detail page(M2)
Fixed: jQuery is not defined in the category and product page(M2)

Version 3.1.4 (8/29/2018)

- The issue when clicking on Description or Tags on Sticky Tab (in detail page) , no content shows, the view was stacked on Review tab (M2)
- The zoom image in Detail page did not show completely (M2)
- Quantity buttons (+) (-) in cart page was not working (M2)
- Configurable product price did not change immediately. The price in the sticky tab is changed, but price under product name is same.  (M2)

Version 3.1.5 (9/07/2018)

- The issue with zoom image in detail page which did not show completely (M2)
- Quantity buttons (+) (-) in cart page was not working (M2)
- Configurable product price did not change immediately. The price in sticky tab was changed, but price under product name in detail page was same. (M2)
- Product images won’t show on homepage/category page if enable Lazyload JS option (M2)
- Incorrect title showing for some pages (M2)

- Update Mageplaza layered navigation extension to the latest version

Version 3.1.6 (10/31/2018)

- The issue with Infinite Scroller feature: "load more" button is appearing even when there are no more products to load in category page (M2)
- Style issue in detail page: spacing between 2 elements (social icon and wishlist icon) (M2) 
- There is no such link in the Links dropdown after signing  in the header of demo 21 (M2)
-  Product image is not showing if there are  special character in the name of product page in detail page (M2)
- Issue with spacing between 2 elements (social icon and wishlist icon) in detail page (M2)
- Mageplaza Layered navigation extension is not working
- Layout of dailydeal page is broken
- Issue with shopping cart page  when viewing on Ipad (Demo 3- M2)

- Quickstart package for Magento 2.2.6 is ready

Version 3.1.7 (11/30/2018)

- Fully compatible with Magento 2.3.0 and 2.2.7

Version 3.1.8 (4/01/2019)


- Review is not showing when enabling the Add to cart sticky tab  (M2)
- Duplicated top links shows in mobile menu if  loged in (M2)
- Thumbnail image slider is not working in home slider of demo 20 (M2)
- Links menu is not working on sticky header (M2- Demo 19)
- The product images disappeared if disable Price Filter option (M2)
- Infinite scroller option is not working in search result page (M2)
- Font Awesome icon only loads on homepage (M2)
- Quantity option is not working in grouped products and cart page.
- The issue with dailydeal when compiling (M2)
- Banner mansory sometimes has js issue  in demo 18 M2
- The issue when loading background slider image on mobile (M2)


- Magento 2.3.1 compatibility 

Version 3.2.0 (9/30/2019)


Fixed: Fotorama issue on Magento 2.3 (M2)
Fixed: Parallax issue on Demo20 (M2)
Fixed: OWL Carousel Thumbnail issue for homepage slider on Demo20 (M2)
Fixed: Special Characters was showing with html code in the mini-cart (M2)
Fixed: Print Invoice page style issue (M2)
Fixed: Mobile menu issue when enabling Boxed Layout (M2)
Fixed: Loading condition issue animate.css file (M2)
Fixed: RTL Style issues (M1, M2)
Fixed: Minor Style issues (M1, M2)


Updated: Demo Version 1 (M1, M2)
Updated: Header Type 17(M1)
Updated: Header Type 14(M2)
Updated: Demo import feature with thumbnail images in admin (M2)
Updated: FontAwesome Version with 5.7(M1, M2)
Removed: Settings options (Flex Grid, Move Actions, Move Product Title) from Category View(Grid Mode) in Settings Panel (M1, M2)
Added: An option "Products Grid Type" in Settings Panel > Category View(Grid Mode) (M1, M2)
Added: 10 pre-defined product list item types (M1, M2)
Added: 10 pre-defined masonry product grid layout with 3 types of product list item (M1, M2)
Added: Search product field for dailydeal product in dailydeal admin (M2)

Version 3.2.1 (11/08/2019)


Fixed: Quickview icon was not showing in Category List View Mode (M2)
Fixed: Boxed Page Layout was loaded with delay (M2)
Fixed: Parallax, Carousel, Isotope issue on RTL version (M2)
Fixed: Added alt attributes in all img tags (M2)
Fixed: Daily deal timer was not showing in product list (M2)
Fixed: Daily deal timer was not working for duplicated products in the cms pages (M2)
Fixed: Contact Info was not saved in Porto - Settings Panel (M2)
Fixed: Header Style issues in Demo 1 (M1, M2)
Fixed: Minor Style issues (M1, M2)


Added: New Demo 22 (M1, M2)
Added: New Header Type 21 (M2)
Added: New Header Type 22 (M1)
Added: New Demo 23 (M1, M2)
Added: New Demo 24 (M1, M2)
Added: New Header Type 22 (M2)
Added: New Demo 25 (M1, M2)
  • asadali2

    2017-10-12 17:57:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Smartwave - porto settings panel - customization settings - custom style 1 we changed font after save we clear cache then all css links lost how i can recover

  • SW-support

    2017-10-12 19:48:56
    Purchased Reply

    Could you please purchase support extension to get further support? Your 6 months of support period is now expired. According to Envato support policy, renewing support is required for further support. Thanks for your understand. Thanks have a great day

  • samreg

    2017-10-18 07:13:53
    Purchased Reply

    hello, I have two dev sites on the same domain. One of them is misbehaving. Is that due to license activation issue? My sites are domain/219A and domain/219B. One is a test site and the other is the final site. Please let me know Sam

  • SW-support

    2017-10-18 13:00:29
    Purchased Reply

    According to Envato license policy, you can not use single license for 2 domains. It should be used for single domain only. We understand customers may need to use the license before live, you can use the license while development and contact us to deactivate it to activate the license again on live site. We recommend you to setup dev environment on same server under subdomain or subdirectory. We allowed local environment not require license activation considering development. Regards

  • samreg

    2017-10-18 13:19:30
    Purchased Reply

    It is the same domain "domain"/219A and "domain"/219B where 219A and 219B are dev directories. I think I figured it out (maybe). For some reason I have to do a content deploy again. You think this is fine? Sam

  • SW-support

    2017-10-18 13:52:45
    Purchased Reply

    You should contact us via helpdesk to get the help on license issue Regards

  • Tauseefdk

    2017-10-28 07:04:42
    Purchased Reply

    When can I expect porto compatible with magento 2.2? I have upgraded the Magento to 2.2 but now can't use the theme. please update!

  • SW-support

    2017-10-28 11:04:54
    Purchased Reply

    It will need to apply the theme patch for magento 2.2. Please contact us via helpdesk to get the patch Regards

  • asadali2

    2017-11-02 17:29:16
    Purchased Reply

    hi how i can get sample mega-menu?

  • SW-support

    2017-11-02 19:56:20
    Purchased Reply

    In case you installed the quickstart package REgards

  • asadali2

    2017-11-03 21:11:53
    Purchased Reply

    In case you installed the quickstart package. Where i can see the mega menu sample?

  • SW-support

    2017-11-03 21:46:02
    Purchased Reply

    The Mega menu sample should show in your site, you can manage it directly under Category Management page Regards

  • vyair

    2017-11-03 22:35:29
    Purchased Reply

    I have activate theme Only once on fresh Magento 2. After that i haven't did anything for upgrade or new install. But i tried to change it from Demo 2 to Demo 18. But i get Activation requires error at admin Porto Setting > Installation section

  • SW-support

    2017-11-04 11:20:48
    Purchased Reply

    Did you insert the license and active it on your site yet? Regards

  • vyair

    2017-11-06 16:10:31
    Purchased Reply

    Yes i activated it approx. 7 months ago.

  • SW-support

    2017-11-06 20:07:17
    Purchased Reply

    Please open new ticket at https://smartwave.freshdesk.com to get the support for that Regards

  • vyair

    2017-11-06 21:51:27
    Purchased Reply

    Actually we got this theme from this site so how can i have the support from smartwave.freshdesk,.com. So i think support should be from here.

  • SW-support

    2017-11-07 12:11:31
    Purchased Reply

    Please register an account and open new ticket at https://smartwave.freshdesk.com/. We provide the support for theme issues in this helpdesk Regards

  • jewelcitycomics

    2017-11-04 11:59:19
    Purchased Reply

    SW- Themes support has wasted my time and considerable money. I want a refund plus compensation for my dev ops contractor's time for installation Porto. Send me contact info to get this going.

  • SW-support

    2017-11-04 19:36:55
    Purchased Reply

    Please check the comment in your ticket. Regards

  • jewelcitycomics

    2017-11-05 06:40:42
    Purchased Reply

    This is the third time I am tell you this...I am being told to take the technical steps provided. So why did I provide admin and ftp access? You support should fix and tell me when it is done. I am tired of this. And what I am noticing in this discussion forum is that support is more responsive to people's question when they have not yet purchased a license. Once license is purchased, does not seem like you are concerned to take care of your customers as they should be taken care of. SO THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS...SUPPORT IS TERRIBLE. Stop asking me to update permissions and save changes. I gave admin and ftp access to you. Now go do it!

  • SW-support

    2017-11-05 13:27:37
    Purchased Reply

    The problem is we have no permission to change the permission on your theme folders and files. Please co-oporate with us, then your issue will be found and fixed soon Regards

  • jewelcitycomics

    2017-11-05 13:49:02
    Purchased Reply

    I have cooperated with you. You were given access to the web server with read / write access to files and directories. Also I specifically asked you to get on the call with me so we can work together on this. I am sure you agree that that would make things a lot easier and would avoid this 24 hour response time - it has already been over five days. If that is not cooperating and willing to go beyond what I, the customer, should have to do, then I don't know what is. It is convenient to hide behind this support platform (no phone or email communication) and promise "ASAP" service while not delivering. I've already moved on to Ultimo. This fiasco has cost me thousands. YOUR TECHNICAL SUPPORT IS THE WORST I HAVE EXPERIENCED. PORTO SHOULD BE TAKEN DOWN FROM ENVATO / THEME FOREST IMMEDIATELY.

  • SW-support

    2017-11-06 03:21:26
    Purchased Reply

    We are so sorry for any inconvenience may cause you, We did provide you the solution for your problem, if you cannot do that, then you let us know and provide us the modify permision as well as FTP/SFTP access info Regards

  • expertalex

    2017-11-05 08:39:47
    Purchased Reply

    Problem with layered navigation using magento 2.2.0 I posted an issue in the: https://smartwave.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/23301 No help provided.

  • SW-support

    2017-11-05 13:24:46
    Purchased Reply

    You should send us your admin, ftp and ssh access info to get the check for that Regards

  • KasNik

    2017-11-15 18:39:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Could you please update me on the issues raised on Ticket #23696?

  • SW-support

    2017-11-15 19:49:09
    Purchased Reply

    Your issue has been resolved Regards

  • KasNik

    2017-11-15 21:01:05
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks Team! Working fine now!

  • goheugene79

    2017-11-22 23:37:56
    Purchased Reply

    in Porto Theme 10 for Magento 2, the first image of the home page, there is a triangle on the top right corner. How can I remove that triangle? I searched through porto_homeslider_10_old but cannot find which one is the one

  • SW-support

    2017-11-23 08:38:12
    Purchased Reply

    Could you please purchase support extension to get further support? Your 6 months of support period is now expired. According to Envato support policy, renewing support is required for further support. Thanks for your understand. Thanks have a great day

  • arulig

    2017-11-29 01:39:05
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I have purchased single license porto theme, I want to use multi site, because i want to purchase multi license. How to purchase multi license?

  • SW-support

    2017-11-29 12:42:56
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for interested in Porto, A single license is applied to use for one domain. For multiple domains, please kindly buy multiple licenses. For example, you have two domains using Porto, then you please buy Porto twice Regards

  • vedanet

    2017-12-08 00:18:04
    Purchased Reply

    How make to extend this template?

  • SW-support

    2017-12-08 13:58:10
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry, i am not sure what you are tryong to achieve Regards

  • site2all

    2017-12-09 05:13:51
    Purchased Reply

    Is it possible to make sticky header in layout 3?

  • SW-support

    2017-12-09 13:45:23
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for interested in Porto, There are no sticky menu actived in this demo http://newsmartwave.net/magento2/porto/demo3_en/ Regards

  • jcpurger

    2017-12-10 16:56:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hi , I'm using magento 2. I need activation and my current domain is : www.chemiserie.magemojo.io

  • SW-support

    2017-12-10 20:59:20
    Purchased Reply

    Please go inside backend, insert and active the license on your site Regards

  • lizhenting

    2017-12-13 09:49:25
    Purchased Reply

    How can I show categories/sub-categories in mobile menu, but NOT show categories/sub-categories in the desktop main navigation menu dropdown?

  • SW-support

    2017-12-13 13:51:03
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry, i am not sure of what you are trying to achieve Regards

  • Exord

    2017-12-18 21:29:26
    Purchased Reply

    Could you unlock my license code from eit.nu

  • SW-support

    2017-12-19 04:09:19
    Purchased Reply

    Please contact us via helpdesk https://smartwave.freshdesk.com/ to get the help on this. Could you please purchase support extension to get further support? Your 6 months of support period is now expired. According to Envato support policy, renewing support is required for further support. Thanks for your understand. Thanks have a great day

  • happydevelopment

    2017-12-19 08:58:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, The search input field in header type 20 jumps away to the right in the mobile version. Any idea how i can fix this? Thank you

  • SW-support

    2017-12-19 12:34:58
    Purchased Reply

    How can I check the issue? Please open new ticket at https://smartwave.freshdesk.com to get the support for that Regards

  • happydevelopment

    2017-12-19 18:29:52
    Purchased Reply

    I opened a issue. Thank you!

  • SW-support

    2017-12-19 18:32:35
    Purchased Reply

    We will get back to you with any update on this asap Regards

  • loopsway

    2017-07-28 15:30:27
    Purchased Reply

    In product display view, the image should change as soon as a color selected. Whats happening here is that the image changes only when color and size both are selected. This not how standard magento works. http://newsmartwave.net/magento2/porto/demo3_en/catalog/product/view/id/1151/s/cassia-funnel-sweatshirt/category/157/

  • loopsway

    2017-07-28 15:36:02
    Purchased Reply

    same issue was mentioned by https://themeforest.net/user/thrd 4 months back but he/she didnt have any example to explain to you.

  • SW-support

    2017-07-28 15:47:18
    Purchased Reply

    Color swatches is core functionality of Magento default. You can check how the color swatches work on default magento site Regards

  • loopsway

    2017-07-30 12:06:11
    Purchased Reply

    Just incase somebody else runs into the same issue. This patch fixed my issue - https://github.com/magento/magento2/commit/269c2154db82e2c3a19f8ba9a36e9b249a745998#diff-06f164cc839cbe29fd1d40f6aa4ce11a

  • rbur0425

    2017-08-02 03:14:56
    Purchased Reply

    How do you install on Magento 2.1.7? When I upload all files it does not show up under Stores > Configuration > Design

  • rbur0425

    2017-08-02 03:19:12
    Purchased Reply

    In Magento 2.1.7 you must go to Content > Design > Configuration

  • SW-support

    2017-08-02 09:10:09
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, right. Please contact me via helpdesk https://smartwave.freshdesk.com again if you need any further help Regards

  • jayreis

    2017-08-07 23:38:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, We are looking to speed up the load time on our website and wondering if there are any suggestions for js files we could merge or get rid of in this theme to help increase pagespeed?

  • SW-support

    2017-08-08 01:15:14
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for using Porto, But what is you magento version, please Regards

  • jayreis

    2017-08-08 03:10:09
    Purchased Reply

    Magento 2.1.7

  • jainsavansj

    2017-08-14 23:50:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Team, We have liked your Demo 2 template and following is the link of it. We would like to buy it but would like to know whether the maximum width could be increased more than 1170px? http://newsmartwave.net/magento2/porto/demo9_en/ Thanks in advance

  • SW-support

    2017-08-15 02:18:22
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for using Porto, You can select fullwidth option as maximum width page layout in Porto- Setting Panel > general Regards