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Welcome to Houzez! The worldwide popular WordPress theme for real estate agents and companies. Houzez is a super flexible starting point for professional designers to create top-notch designs. It has features that your client – a real estate agent or company – might not even have dreamt about.

Translated in 20 Languages Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese.

Check OpenStreetMap and Mapbox demo: https://houzez02.favethemes.com/listing-with-google-map/

General Features

Easy to Get Started
Do you like the demo? Import the provided sample content in a few clicks and start editing it right away.

Fully Responsive
We have tested our code on a multitude of phones and tablets to ensure smooth user experience on all platforms

Retina Ready
All of the graphics in our theme are of high resolution to ensure that your website looks crisp on modern displays

Visual Composer
Not experienced in web design? Get instant visual feedback by dragging and dropping elements to build pages

Revolution Slider
This slider plugin allows you to build advanced layered sliders with a myriad of options for style and effects

Contact Forms
Create advanced contact forms and implement them on any page you like with MailChimp and Contact Form 7

Powerful Admin Panel
Provide your agents and clients with an easy way to manage their profile, properties for sale and other settings

Parallax Backgrounds
Appeal to the trendier segment of your market by using visually-impressive parallax backgrounds on your site

Video Backgrounds
Impress your audience even further by placing stunning videos as your header backgrounds. Houzez makes it easy

Header Options
Grab your visitors’ attention with an attractive header. Choose between a slider, video, image or Google maps

Unlimited Templates
Nothing is set in stone: you can structure your pages exactly how you want without having to write any code

Blog Layouts
Choose between Default or Masonry blog layouts and make your blog pages beautiful and functional

Google Map
Give your visitors an option to browse through properties with a map, so they can search within places they like

Custom Colors
Choose from one of our predefined color schemes or set up a custom one to maintain a unique brand identity

Custom Modules
Choose from a number of pre-designed Visual Composer modules and lay out your pages in mere minutes

Multiple Sidbars
Create and configure as many sidebars as you like and display the right sidebar(s) on the right page

Typography Options
Choose from any of the Google fonts and style your type to match your brand identity without compromise

WPML Support
Our theme fully supports the WPML plugin in case you want to display your content in multiple languages

Google Geolocation
Now you have the ability to see the geographic location of your website’s visitors

Radius Search
Search properties by their proximity to you in kilometers or miles on all search pages

Geo Autocomplete Options
Control the autocomplete for geo locations by optionally drop-down results to a specific country

Similar Properties
Keep visitors on your site by showing properties similar to the one they’re viewing

User Roles
Control the capabilities of each individual user by choosing from the Buyer and Agent roles

Real Estate Agencies
Display real estate companies profiles on your site by using a dedicated custom post  type

Nearby Places
Make property information more complete by showing what’s around them powered by Yelp

Property Features

Choice of Listing Templates
Choose from 8 different listing templates and lay them out as lists or grids, full-width, video or parallax

Property Templates
Choose between 3 listing layouts that let your visitors assess your offers and easily get in touch with your agent

Agent Details Template
Provide your sales agents with attractive profile pages where they can display their contact info and listings

Property Settings
Create property listings with all the features you’d expect: area size, price range, amenities and more

Advanced Search
Help your visitors find the right property by letting them set various search criteria such as size and price range

Powerful Filters
Our advanced filters allow your clients to fine-tune their search results and focus on the details that matter the most

Houzez Lightbox
Make it easy for your visitors to contact your agent and view property photos with our custom lightbox

Property PDF
Allow your visitors to print paper-friendly versions of property pages so they can refer to them later offline

Floor Plans
Use the theme’s built-in functionality to display floor plans and give your visitors a complete picture of your properties

Agent Contact Forms
Help your agents make more sales by placing an easy-to-use contact form in the header of each listing

Favorite Properties
Help your visitors stay organized by letting them favorite the properties they like or want to book a visit for

Include a downloadable brochure with your listings so that your visitors can print the information they need

Currency Switcher
Allow your clients to switch to different currencies and get property prices converted in real time

Mortgage Calculator
Quickly calculate mortgage payments for properties with our easy-to-use Mortgage Calculator widget

Property Stats
Display the stats of your property page views by using one of the provided chart layouts

Agent’s Sticky Sidebar
Glue your agents’ contact form to a fixed spot on the screen making it permanently visible while scrolling up and down

360° Virtual Tour
Create interactive virtual tours and simulations for your properties and show off as much as possible before a real-life viewing

Print Properties
Export your property detail pages in a well organized and easy to read PDF file that is ready to be printed or shared

Provide your users with extensive walkability data within your property pages (powered by the Walkscore API)

Property Layout Manager
Sort, enable and disable property page sections as you see fit with a simple drag-and-drop panel

Compare Properties
Let your users compare different properties based on their features and parameters

Gallery Images
Promote your properties with image galleries that are easy to create, nice to look at and a breeze to scroll through

Property Video
Make your property pages even more informative by including a video that will work on all modern browsers

Social Sharing
Add an extra kick to your marketing efforts by letting anyone share your properties on social media outlets

Membership Features

Membership System
Offer your agents custom subscription levels by varying the number of featured and regular listings

Paid or Free Memberships
Charge per listing submission, offer monthly packages or don’t charge anything at all – the choice is yours

Payment Gateways Integration
Receive payments with PayPal, Stripe or bank transfer – the theme fully supports popular payment solutions.

PayPal Integration
Connect to your PayPal account (with just a few clicks) and you are ready to receive money with no hassle

Stripe Integration
Start accepting payments with Stripe and start processing credit and debit cards professionally

Front-end Property Submission
Both you and your agents are able to login and submit property listings from the front of your website

Front-end Property Submission
Both you and your agents are able to login and submit property listings from the front of your website

Invoices and Billing
Issue invoices, bill your members, track all the necessary financial data and be at ease with bookkeeping

Email Alerts for Saved Searches
Let your visitors configure their searches with a range of criteria and automatically notify them of new matches

Social Login
Allow your members to use their social media accounts so they can subscribe and login to your website fast

Built-in Monetization System
No need to install additional plugins to handle money. Send and receive payments straight out of the box

Your Own Marketplace
Create a professional-grade realty marketplace and manage it from the backend of your website with ease

About IDX Systems

IDX integration mean theme work good with third party IDX plugins and will not crash or stop these plugins functionality if someone will use it. Furthermore, the use of an IDX system is optional and it is not necessary for the functioning of the theme.

About user interface: It’s impossible to have the same UI for IDX plugins as Houzez default because IDX plugins providers use an iframe which not allow changing any HMTL or CSS code, also impossible to overwrite their HTML to make same GUI like Houzez default.

About searches. Theme default searches never work with IDX nor it is possible because theme searched search data from the WordPress database, it is not possible to search and get data from third party IDX provider database.

Using an IDX system is not free and required a monthly subscription with an IDX provider.

  • vivimarketing

    2017-10-10 07:55:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I am wondering if there is any way for me to do a test build with this theme in Local by Flywheel before buying it. Reason being is I want to build a test site to show to my boss to justify the spend. Either that or some sort of official refund policy, so that if we don't end up using the site, I can get a refund within 60 or 90 days. Let me know, thanks!

  • favethemes

    2017-10-10 08:48:48
    Purchased Reply

    Not possible to get theme for test job, you have to buy it. If you want to see admin panel then contact on live chat at houzez.co, our team will setup demo for you

  • Mrnicoo

    2017-10-12 23:47:40
    Purchased Reply

    Nice theme, wonder if I can re-arrange the single listing page. For example if I not want one part can I remove it? Can I for example move address up to the top etc... Same for the front - can I remove some parts with Visual Composer or? If someone schedule a meeting will there go a mail to that mail address that registered the listing?

  • favethemes

    2017-10-12 23:48:41
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, you can enable, disable and re-arrange in Theme Options with drag and drop

  • ann42

    2017-10-13 22:27:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I have purchased the houzez theme yesterday, but couldn't find houzez child theme folder. Thanks

  • favethemes

    2017-10-13 22:29:06
    Purchased Reply

    When you unzip file you have have these files http://take.ms/LAi7N

  • Panthony54

    2017-10-27 22:26:22
    Purchased Reply

    importing XML feeds problems with "View listings" link on property details page on Contact Agent section. I have 3 feeds and one the ling goes to mywebsite/agent/agentname. the other goes to mywebsite/agency/agencyname and the last one goes mywebsite/2017/10/14/2472-revision-v1/. I use the same template for all of them so I don't understand. Please help as I have been trying to get this fixed for over 11 days by private support ticket. Last Friday a week ago you promised to explain to me how to do it by Skype, I have given you my Skype contact and a couple of days ago I sent you a reminder but to no avail. The last 5 days I have been sitting next to my laptop from early in the morning till late in the evening to hear something from you. I am desperate! Kind regards, Anthony

  • favethemes

    2017-10-31 18:20:04
    Purchased Reply

    Please open ticket on our support forum

  • maksgamal

    2017-11-09 18:46:55
    Purchased Reply

    I want to use different fields separately for houses, separately for business real estate, apartments, land plots. For example, land plots do not need to display the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and garages. For apartments, it is necessary to indicate the floor number and how many floors in the building. For business real estate it is necessary to reflect on what type of business is planned to use the premises. How can i show acf in single listing and in search form? I need condiitial logic. Like this site dom.ria.com This site also GOOD! har.com/search

  • favethemes

    2017-11-09 18:48:50
    Purchased Reply

    To show ACF you have to customize theme.

  • ilary9

    2017-11-14 00:35:46
    Purchased Reply

    Please....reply to my ticket....thanks!

  • favethemes

    2017-11-14 03:05:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, you just opened ticket 4 hours ago, our team checking.

  • efficientsignsltd

    2017-11-20 22:59:24
    Purchased Reply

    Hi favethemes, I need some help. Im not sure what happening with my Home Page Slider Properties , it's not showing the right menu and submenus like in Contact Page . The Features properties , don't show .. etc I already open an ticket. Thank you

  • efficientsignsltd

    2017-11-20 23:16:57
    Purchased Reply

    Resolved !!! Thank you

  • millerdigitalad

    2017-11-29 10:47:20
    Purchased Reply

    It looks like the "Houzez visual composure" components have been removed when I updated the WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) plugin. How can I get those components back in the Visual Composure options?​ It has caused errors on my website. My support has expired for this theme, and I don't want to purchase more support as this should be an automatic fix.

  • favethemes

    2017-11-29 20:20:45
    Purchased Reply

    You just need to update houzez theme, make sure you are using latest houzez version 1.5.7

  • millerdigitalad

    2017-11-30 02:35:50
    Purchased Reply

    thanks. Any reason why the automatic "update theme" notification isn't showing up in the WP dashboard? I'm going to have to update this theme manually...

  • millerdigitalad

    2017-11-30 03:28:41
    Purchased Reply

    Never mind. I figured it out. Thanks for the quick response!

  • ddierickx

    2017-12-03 09:08:38
    Purchased Reply

    I need help with Ticket 1367682 ASAP very frustrated and would like to have this answered today.

  • favethemes

    2017-12-03 19:33:27
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, you took 4 days to reply our support team for this ticket and you replied on weekend 15 hours ago. Support team don't work on weekend, please wait, they will reply on Monday.

  • jahlenin

    2017-12-12 18:54:04
    Purchased Reply

    Will I able to customized and add this payment gateway https://developer.sslcommerz.com/ ?

  • favethemes

    2017-12-12 23:00:25
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, you can customize theme for this payment gateway

  • ruysan1974

    2017-12-14 07:49:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hello can you answert ticket https://favethemes.ticksy.com/ticket/1375649/

  • favethemes

    2017-12-14 17:36:22
    Purchased Reply


  • mumia0909

    2017-07-25 06:16:49
    Purchased Reply

    When do you publish a new update? Thanks from Germany!

  • favethemes

    2017-07-25 06:18:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, we are working to publish new update before the end of this month. Thank you

  • FredMichel

    2017-08-01 12:00:19
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Is there any way to add an Icon in a navigation menu?

  • favethemes

    2017-08-01 23:19:51
    Purchased Reply

    Contact on our support forum, our team will let you know how to add https://favethemes.ticksy.com/

  • Yamish

    2017-08-03 21:29:24
    Purchased Reply

    Greeting is it possible to add free package for 2-month as a trial for users to add some property but after the trial end they cannot renew the free package but they will have to buy the premium package

  • favethemes

    2017-08-03 21:30:15
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, it is possible.

  • jokeraytug

    2017-08-05 22:17:13
    Purchased Reply

    Hi , i opened a support ticket approx 14 hours ago and nobody responed me yet. thats why i wanted to write here. my ticket id is #1265135 I installed the theme but there is no any menu as "Demo Importer" can u please help me a.s.a.p.?

  • favethemes

    2017-08-08 00:32:24
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Our team is off on weekend. We just started work on Monday, you will get reply soon.

  • jokeraytug

    2017-08-08 01:49:25
    Purchased Reply

    i sorted out my problem. dont worry

  • wyly123

    2017-08-12 21:28:51
    Purchased Reply

    If you can, I'll buy your theme. Please, this is very important: Hello I have just one question that none of the sellers of themes goods and roots has answered and has been able to realize until this moment. I think it is of vital importance that you have these options to make in multiple countries (Example in my country you use Currency € and $); If there are not these options in wordpress misses interest. (If this were possible with your theme I think it would be higher above your competitors) Please, I want you to respond. 1: There is some way to add multiple currencies so that the customer can select only one: Example the user can select one of the coins USD $, EUR € y GBP £ Example Image: https://image.ibb.co/bQWb9v/Monedas.png

  • favethemes

    2017-08-15 20:38:32
    Purchased Reply

    This is not by default but can be add with little customization.

  • Weddest

    2017-08-16 18:33:41
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry to post on here again, despite your request for me not to do so, but your support site is down again. I have received your response and thank you for repairing the issues with Agency Map and Featured Property. I do have a couple of questions in response to your other answers though. 1. You have advised that 'Featured Property' is added via Wordpress backend. As my client is a Real Estate Agent, he has absolutely no knowledge of Wordpress or how to edit internal property pages. Surely the agent should be able to select whether the property is to be a 'Featured Property' when adding new property or editing one? This should be done in the agents login, not as a site administrator? How can agent select 'Featured Property without entering backend of Wordpress? 2. Unsecure Agent Login. When agent logs in they are taken to www.website.com/add-new-property However any one in the world can enter www.website.com/add-new-property and start uploading who knows what. Surely the Add New Property page should only be accessible by registered agents? How do I ensure only registered agent can access Add New Property? 3. Instead of having a great big button inviting site users to try and 'Create Listing' or Sign in / Register, is there a more discrete means for the agent to log in to their area? 4. You advise that I can only change Field Text by editing files in the FTP. This is not possible for me. As many of the terms used in fields are 'Americanisms' in this theme, they need to be changed to English. Digging around the FTP to do this is unacceptable. So to answer my initial question, am I able to change the Tax field to ABN by other methods, maybe using Editor? Thank you in advance and again, sorry to have to use comments page, but no other way I can contact you.

  • favethemes

    2017-08-16 19:46:48
    Purchased Reply

    support forum working now, it were down for maintenance

  • Weddest

    2017-08-17 13:44:39
    Purchased Reply

    I still do not have a response from the Support Site?

  • favethemes

    2017-08-17 17:13:09
    Purchased Reply

    Our team answering your all questions https://favethemes.ticksy.com/ticket/1273541/

  • jakov

    2017-08-18 15:25:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, first of all thank you for the great template. I've recently purchased Houzez and now dealing with slider on the main page. I cannot remove the Visual Components Module and WPML Support links on the right of the slider. They are appearing on all 3 images that are uploaded there, do you have any suggestion where I could remove them?

  • favethemes

    2017-08-18 20:22:03
    Purchased Reply

    ​Hi, you can disable at all the right text from here https://monosnap.com/file/GoXUQXxuOrXFAc3frzTT8pLEqJYXY3
    Instead if you needed to change you can edit from here https://monosnap.com/file/4URcNIFLywmul9ZfcATPjCi7MjnKG4 for each slide. The light blue right title is the side name.
    PS: For more support, please contact on our support forum.

  • jakov

    2017-08-21 16:12:24
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you very much for the support! Great job!

  • johnstonevusena

    2017-08-21 22:19:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, kindly help me to fix this issue, I have bought Houzez Theme but each time I install the theme and add a new property, the section for adding/editing property features becomes inactive. Kindly see the attached screenshot. Kindly help! I have posted this in you support website but no reply.

  • favethemes

    2017-08-21 22:26:02
    Purchased Reply

    I cannot see screenshot. If your domain is on SSL then set Google Map SSL because your domain is on SSL. You can set in Theme Options -> Google Map Settings https://monosnap.com/file/MKgCENfAzbNWW302J8s2cOrFoP03vN​
    If not then open ticket on our support forum with website link and admin login, our team will check your site settings.

  • digibali

    2017-08-22 16:28:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hello is it possible to change the marker on the map to the property's price? if yes, how to do it? please help, it's quite urgent

  • favethemes

    2017-08-22 16:55:21
    Purchased Reply

    You can just change markers icons. To change markers info price is not available by default

  • digibali

    2017-08-22 16:57:53
    Purchased Reply

    Do you have any idea how to edit the source code to make it happen?

  • favethemes

    2017-08-22 19:50:03
    Purchased Reply

    Contact on our support forum https://favethemes.ticksy.com/